Understanding and Helping Students Who Lack Pd


Leah (not her real name) is a class I student has just SMU Favorites Salatiga grade II.


Leah (not her real name) is a class I student has just SMU Favorites Salatiga grade II. He came from a farmer who is quite the social economy in a remote village + 17 km outside the town of Quezon City, as the first child of his parents initially objected to his son went to junior high school graduating high school in Quezon City; the parents had hoped that their children do not need hard-has continued school to the city, but over time coaxing her homeroom STTB decision to give up their children with severe school. Consideration guardian class because Lia fairly intelligent among other friends, so normal that can be received in high school favorites. Since received in high school favorites on the one hand Lia proud as a country boy could always be accepted, but on the other hand started to feel inferior to her friends, mostly from wealthy families with very different patterns of association with Lia background. He considered my friends from wealthy families as a selfish, unfriendly, picky friends who are both from wealthy families, and arrogant. The longer the feeling of being rejected, terisolik, and the more tense and lonely nascent attitudes and perceived school was not for him not krasan, but going out embarrassed by his parents and the whole village; continue to survive, there is no hard / have a friend who cares. My basic village children, poor children (compared to his friends in the city) hujatnya yourself. Finally truly become a child minder, and hesitant and shy and scared to get along as it should. More and more fall in value so that the burden of thought and feeling more and more weight, as to doubt whether it can go up a class or not


In the view of rational emotive, human beings have an inherent ability to act rationally or irrationally, humans are born with a remarkable tendency of strong and urgent desire to make things happen for the best for life and altogether blame themselves, others and the world if do not immediately get what he wants. Consequently childish thinking (as a matter of manunusiawi) throughout life, ultimately just a enormous difficulties were able to achieve and maintain a realistic behavior and adult; besides humans also have a tendency to overestimate the importance of acceptance of other people that actually causes emotional not reasonably often blame themselves in ways that his demeanor and self-destructive ways obtained. Think and feel is very close to each other and with the thoughts and feelings can be the opposite; what he thinks and feels, or what the events and realized in the action / behavior is rational or irrational. How the action / behavior that is very easily influenced by others and the drive-doronan strong to defend ourselves and indulge even irrational.

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