Ways to Cope with Stress

Here are seven ways on how to cope with stress. It’s important to know the ways on how to cope with stress.

Stress occurs in any situation that requires making a change. Most people define stress by problems that confront them and concerns they have to deal with. One kind of stress is “eustress” which can improve our awareness and produces extreme pleasure, like performances, sports competition, winning a race or receiving a job promotion. Other stresses may not be quite so exciting yet cause strong feelings of satisfaction such as romantic evening, praise from a coworker, a child’s good report card. Still, other stresses may make us weary although they are good in themselves, like a wedding, or family reunion. Then there are stresses that exhaust and depress, such as a job loss, legal problems, rebellious children, divorce, the death of a loved one. And the other form of stressors are pollution, deadlines, heat, overload, family relationships, finances, and illness.

Too much stress is a very real problem in our society. Learning to deal with it has become an important health issue since studies began linking stress to a host of physical ailments. In most cases, running away is not the answer. We must develop more positive methods of coping with stress. There are ways to cope with it.


Ways to Cope with Stress



Ways to Cope- Positive Mental Attitude - Don’t be anxious about the future; take one day at a time. Worry tends to incapacitate, but seeing the problem as a challenge tends to motivate. This is one ways to cope with stress.



Ways to Cope- Commit to a cause that helps others and is approved by God. - Isaiah 58 is one of the Bible’s most sublime prescriptions for health. Another great ways to cope with stress.

Healthy Adaptation- Ways to Cope - One of the ways to cope with stress is to adapt it in a healthy way. This means that you recognize the stress or and do something positive about it. Ignoring or denying the problem is an unhealthy response as is “escapism“. If you have a legal issue that’s bothering you, talk to a legal counselor to help you eliminate that stress. Good ways to cope with stress.

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