What a Drama Queen! Borderline Personality Disorder

A dangerous disorder that is often dismissed by others, who think the person is just trying to get attention or acting like a drama queen.

Persons who suffer from Borderline Personality Disorder often live in a world of extreme ups and downs. All is right with the world one day, yet the next day could bring feelings that everything is wrong. People with this disorder often have difficulty engaging in relationships, because their emotional index swings to such wide spectrums. The afflicted individual is prone to acts of self abuse, including hurting themselves, substance abuse and other harmful activities.

It’s more common in women and girls than in men, and often the behaviour associated with this disorder is ignored or disregarded as attention seeking actions. In teenage girls, it is frequently dismissed as moodiness, hormonal changes or just typical teenage behaviour.  Grown women are often ridiculed or referred to as drama queens.  This type of dismissive reaction by others often compounds the problem and triggers an escalation of symptoms.

Borderline personality disorder is a mental disorder which leaves the afflicted person with feelings of low self worth and uncertainty about their identity and role in the lives of others. It can often lead to depression, self mutilation or suicide. It’s a very dangerous disorder, but can be treated with talk therapy if it is recognized early, and the person is willing to accept treatments.

Some common attributes that manifest with this disorder include:

  • Unable to handle being alone.

  • Worry that they will be emotionally and/or physically abandoned by others. The person may feel they are not supported by others, or fear that nobody really cares about them.

  • Intense boredom and a sense of a hollow existence or an empty life. A belief that nothing they do or say really matters. A general lack of fulfillment.

  • The person often exhibits self destructive behaviour. It could be acts of physical harm, such as cutting themselves, or digesting dangerous chemicals or possibly overdosing on medicines such as acetaminophen.

  • Harmful impulses, such as binge eating, binge shopping or spending, promiscuity, substance abuse or petty theft and shoplifting.

People with borderline personality disorder often appear to others as creating drama or trying to get attention by launching into arguments and great fits of rage. However, the person is actually trying to cope with an underlying trigger from the present or past, such as sexual abuse, childhood abandonment or neglect. They could also be suffering from feelings of isolation stemming from a lack of communication, emotional engagement or other breakdown in the family circle.

A person with borderline personality disorder is at risk of severe depression and suicide as well as other harmful behaviour such as cutting themselves. This should not be dismissed as looking for attention or behaving like a drama queen, but rather, professional help should be sought. In most cases, the symptoms can be brought under control with mood levelling medications and talk therapy.   

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  2. This truly deserves proper evaluation and diagnosis. Very informative.

  3. It’s my first time to hear about this personality disorder,good to know! So this is could also be one factor why some commits suicide.

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