What are The Characteristics of The Bipolar Personality?

People who are bipolar have a great deal of difficulty in everyday life situations. The bipolar personality, untreated, tends to switch in and out of two distinct demeanors of an opposite nature. People with bipolar personality are often highly intelligent, although why this is often the case is not known. Let’s look at some of the characteristics common to people with bipolar disorder as well as some of the symptoms which precede a personality switch incident.

Most often, bipolar people most often exhibit a quiet, articulate, thoughtful and intelligent personality, which is what you generally see when you talk with them. However, they may react strangely in small ways, leading you to wonder what triggered this out of character behavior. People with bipolar disorder also tend to be able to hide their true feelings quite well. In fact, they may well be so practiced in keeping things under wraps, you may just write off the occasional strange overreaction to a bad hair day.

It’s also well established that many people, diagnosed with bipolar personality and  who are prescribed medications to keep them on an even keel, dislike taking their medication and will simply stop. Besides being generally intelligent, people with this personality disorder tend to be loners. Without someone else to monitor their taking of medications, the bipolar person often stops taking the medication on an ongoing basis. Once they stop, it’s a gradual process that becomes acute within several days.

In one case, an elderly man, who lived alone and suffered from the bipolar personality, was the picture of health, even in his mid-seventies. He was possessed  of a charming, witty and generous demeanor. Always willing to help others, he would take in a homeless person, give them a cup of coffee and then take them to the restaurant next to his home and feed them. He was well liked.

After a few months, unknown by anyone, he simply decided to stop his meds. He began to appear irritated at odd events, but no one gave it much thought. One day, he suddenly entered the restaurant, filled with diners. He stationed himself at the cashier’s stand and began yelling loudly to all present, going in to a tirade on how all of these diners were devils and would surely end up in hell! Most of the patrons knew him from his frequent visits and were speechless at this suddenly transformed man. This is a typical incident in the person with bipolar personality.

Another case study relates the transformation of a woman in a similar way. She too, had stopped taking her medication. She had recently sold a car to a friend, but when the friend returned the car that same evening, due to problems of true ownership and some flaws which had been hidden in the initial transaction, this normally mild mannered, intelligent woman went ballistic, with a spate of curses and physical threats which her friend had never seen in two years of their friendship.

With bipolar personality, the first evidence the casual observer takes note of comes in the form of an explosive and opposite manifestation of personality. This is the sad reality. As long as the patient continues with their medication, all is well. Why they choose to stop is unclear, but there’s not much to be done.

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