What is Abnormality: Quiz #2 and Links

Here is the second quiz for my series on abnormality. Also I share the links for the whole series.

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If you have read my series on abnormality, this quiz should be a breeze.  Answer the 10 questions, and then see how many you gotright at the end.  10 Points for each correct answer!

1.) You start having feelings of fear about going to school.  You now suffer from headaches and stomach aches and miss a couple of days of school.  Your condition is abnormal from the ______________ definition.
A) Statistical
B) Situational context
C) Social Deviance
D) Subjective Discomfort

2.) Which model of abnormality explains abnormal behavior as caused by illogical thinking?
A) Psychoanalytical
B) Cognitive
C) Behavioral
D) Biological

3.) [Name] is attached to their cousin, but knows that they are too closely related.  This person believes they have successfully overcome the attraction, but still feel overwhelmed when their cousin is around.  They feel anxiety, and the need to wash their hands excessively when their cousin is near them.  What model of abnormality would explain this behavior?
A) Psychoanalytical
B) Cognitive
C) Behavioral
D) Biological

4.) In Japan, the disorder called _____________ centers around a fear of doing something embarrasing or innapropriate.
A) Koro
C) Susto
D) Amok

5.) What is the fear of the marketplace called?
A) Social Anxiety
B) Agoraphobia
C) Social Phobia
D) Anxiety Disorder

6.) What is the tendency to interpret situations far more dangerous than they are called?
A) Magnification
B) Over-generalization
C) Minimization
D) Desensitization

7.) An irrational fear of blood would be called?
A) Social phobia
B) Specific phobia
C) Type of agoraphobia
D) Type of arachnophobia

8.) Which is not a real physical disorder?
A) Psychosomatic disorder
B) Psycho-physiological disorder
C) Somatoform disorder
D) Disease of adaption

9.) When anxiety is unrelated to any known source it is called?
A) Free Floating Anxiety
B) Panic
C) A Phobia
D) Acute

10.) A person hates to go over bridges.  What is this a form of?
A) Social phobia
B) Specific phobia
C) Agoraphobia
D) Claustrophobia

1) D
2) B
3) A
4) B
5) B
6) A
7) B
8) C
9) A
10) C

What score did you get?

What is Abnormality Series Links:

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