When Children Rebel?

We often think only adults experience stress, emotional disorders or emotional instability. In fact, the child is not free from psychiatric problems plagued this.

According to research in other countries, the frequency of severe and moderate depression is two to four percent of children and 10 percent among teenagers and 15 to 20 percent among adults.

Studies done Dr. Ramli Musa from the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is published in the Hong Kong Journal of Psychiatry, also found that 10.5 percent of primary school students experiencing emotional stress and depression.


Asked the Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Dr. Azhar Mohd. Zain, he explains, or emotional disorders in children should not be allowed to persist and need to be addressed immediately.

“Every child may exhibit different emotions when they experience stress. It is also difficult to detect in a short time because the symptoms are not clear.

“Usually the child will be depressed, alone, not mixed up or family friends, not wanting to eat and lose interest in activities they normally do.

“Even so, it might be rare children can receive emotional stress because at that age, they would not otherwise harboured feelings expressed dissatisfaction with the way to rebel or to cry.

“However, parents should not be lost with the children crying because they would only add character to rebel,” he said.

Commenting further, Azhar explained, cry or revolted regular habit to get something is often used of children in adult attention.

“As parents, we are responsible for forming habits of children with the condition must be consistent.

“Most parents feel ashamed if their children struggle, struggle and cry at the store for wanting something.

“The best tip, do not give what is wanted when they cry or revolted, but to give when they behaved well.

“Parents also should not fail with tears, because if we give in, it will only add them ferociously.

“Eventually, they will use the tactic of tears every time their demands are not met.

“Ideally, the patient with their actions and do not despair. Tell them, their wishes will be fulfilled if it behaves well.

“Because of that, consistently is very important that children are not confused,” he said.

Women more depressed

Back Ramli research review, the conclusions of the study were between men and women, women are more likely to develop depression.

The group that did not exempt the children of low-income parents, among the Chinese and the people involved in disciplinary problems such as theft and alcohol.

“Depression in the other studies have been directly tied among those from lower socio-economic.

“Due to the pressures of life cause they are more likely to get it.

“Why are among the Chinese is more likely? Among these studies speculate why such a decision because the Chinese are more open to disclose the signs and their feelings than other people, “commented Ramli.

Rejecting the notion that all children are labelled as having bad or rebellious attitude problem, Ramli has their own opinion.

“If children rebel, do not hastily condemn, let alone continue to canning them. It is important that parents and teachers try to close their minds why they are behaving like that, “he said.

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