When Faced with The Aftermath of a Natural Disaster During The Holidays

Happy Holidays to all, instead of making your Holiday meal lists, Christmas gift list,. You and your family are dealing with the aftermath of a sever storm that messed up your home and etc. Possibly no power,. And, may not even feel like the Holidays sort of..

your local church

are a few disaster organizations so far.. always be in the know.  Your local

stores should have your stations hurricane booklet filled with emergency

numbers, etc to help you.  With websites and sales and discount offers 

to help you save money on the repair materials you need to fix your


When your home has been altered by the destruction of a storm.  And, you have 

live some where else temporally.  You may feel overwhelmed.  Possibly your family 

will feel that way as well.  That’s when you and your family step outside and 

re bond.  Remembering you guys still survived.  And, this will be over come.  

Hugs, and lots of comfort..  possibly changing the mental stage so to speak. 

Investing in how to books and magazines on how to properly repair of

redo home improvements,.  Taking how to classes at home improvement

stores can help as well.  Dvds, cd on how to’s can help as well.  

Updated home fixtures is a must.  Knowing low cost ways of improving

and strengthening your home inside and outward is also a must.  

Low cost home improvement materials,.  Low’es, etc can help.  

Home depot is also good.  When you invest in flash light kits:  radio,

storage compartants, attachable compartments, rechargable outlet,

cardible plug,.  And, lite weight, bold color,.  At a low cost,.  Great.

Your coat,.  Is no exception.  The more added features you have during

the dangerous seasons the more perpared you will be.  Non-freezed foods,

handy, updated foods, updated non-freezed beverages,.  

LOts of large: trash bags, ziploc bags,.  Is required.  

Knowing where to go and if you have pets where to still go.  And, possibly

consider the whole family if you have to go to another place, depending on

the severity of the storm, etc.. always see what you can do (the family) to 

help.. again, depending on where you go for shelter.. low cost hotel,.

And, if you have camcorder.. take lots of before and after shots,.  Have

extra film, etc if required,. 

Asking the family members to come up with options on the Holidays.  And, where

they should be held.  Decorations,.  If your family needs some crying time.  So be it.

Then smile at them and start a new conversation.  

Going to a comfort spot can help such as a playground, store, restaurant, a friends

house,.   Getting their minds on more productive things.  Going to your local church

can help.   

Helping those that were affected worse than you,.  

Making sure if you had pets to seeing they are still healthy,.

Picking up the pieces can be a slow process. And productive.. giving yourself

some healing time and realize your family did survive.  The Holidays will be the

best because each member will do their part in this Holiday season.

Always motivating each other.  Laughter heals all pain,.  Comfort foods, snacks,.

Is a must. 

If the situation gets to serious, quickly seek medical help.. possibly depression may

happen.  Or addiction.  Start talking about the situation quickly.  Listening is a great

healing tool.  Crying as well.  

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