When The Cracks Start to Show

When the cracks start to show and we can’t easily hide the broken aspects of our lives we start to panic. But perhaps we need to remember, we all have them.

We all have them. The cracks that make up our personality and shape our behaviour. The fault lines. The scars. The weaknesses. The aspects of our life that we painstakingly cover up to ensure that nobody ever sees the broken aspects of our lives. Most of our crude attempts at wallpapering the cracks work and so we walk through life even managing to fool ourselves that our fault lines don’t even exist.

We all have them. Whether they are caused by our own actions or whether they are caused by what someone else has put us through doesn’t matter. We all have them. You can’t go through life without gaining some cracks, the simple process of social interaction can have no other end result. Most are small and we can simply add another layer of wallpaper, some are larger and threaten to show no matter what we do to try and hide them.

We all have them. But we expend so much energy trying to cover them that when the cracks start showing it scares us, because we believe that the only way to make our way through the world is to pretend they don’t exist. And it scares others because they are so used to the wallpaper we have used which is easy on the eye, they don’t want to see the cracks that it covers. They don’t want to see the pain that it hides. And so we cover again, we make excuses, we smile and we joke  and we hope that the world won’t see past our act. Even when we hit the point when the cracks have become canyons and everything is threatening to split into fragments, we still treat that smile as an extra layer of wallpaper, we still treat the joke as a wad of material to fill the gaping hole.

But we forget. We all have them. Some to a greater extent than others it is true. But sometimes the ones with the largest cracks are the ones with the story to tell. And so perhaps when the cracks do show and we are desperately trying to cover them before anyone notices, we need to remember something. We need to remember that although we may have fault lines they are not necessarily signs of weakness. Instead they can be signs  of strength, of perseverance and of surviving no matter what the odds.

And at the end of the day? We all have them. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

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  1. All of us have deformities , flaws ..just that each differ in how she handles it..but for sure no one got no lapses in life because no one is perfect but striving only to become one.

  2. very good

  3. We are not perfect… thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

  4. I enjoyed reading this

  5. Very interesting article.

  6. Very good article. Enjoyed it

  7. you spoke out my thoughts..we all have our defects and yet we are so afraid to let is show, why?

  8. I’m so marveled by this article. You have done an excellent job with this piece. Thanks so much for writing this.

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