When You are at a LOSS for Words

Hello friends, for those moments when you are a total blank,…. what do you do?

A show of hands who has been there.  You are in a conversation,.  And, you                                                      nothing comes to mind.  All you can do is look like you are thinking of a smart remark,.

That’s when you can possibly say “can you repeat that?”  Or “what was that”?

Then go from there.  Talk about mind overload or mind blank 80 “I”!! ”no way”,

it can happen,  Possibly signs of Alzheimer’s. Depending on how frequently it happens

that’s when you, your family and your family Dr. have a Alzheimer’s chat and cure it

IMMEDIATELY.  Lots of brain food and brain info.{ puzzlers, teasers, reading alot,..

is recommended.  

As we get older.. we tend to shy away from reading, etc.. or eating the necessary

brain foods that was customary back in the day.  When you make this a family event

then progress quickly happens.. such as you incorporate in your family that they matter

and you matter to do the steps to keep your mind in top form. 

Lots of fruit,  berries,.  Is a great brain food.  Google brain food is also recommended.

Avoiding chips,.  Only eating active, metabolism, brain foods that will keep you and your family in to form,.  

Its ok to forget occassionly.  However,  to help with the even (occasion)  grab a planner,

or a note pad and start writing your thoughts, etc, down,.  Suggestion you may have,.  We could

always use a friendly reminder even for yourself. 

Also, keep in mind.. if you smoke that can also mess your mind of as well, possibly.                                            Or, any type of chemical you put in your mouth can also mess you mind up. If you are allergic to non-aspirin medicine, etc.. can harm/. 



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  1. Wow! I’ve been out of the loop. When did they come up with a cure for Alzheimer’s?

  2. I enjoyed reading this, and I’m only trying to help but shouldn’t it be ” When you are at a loss for words”?

  3. **LOSS** – yes. Nice article though. Have you blocked messages? I wanted to tell you about “Loss” direct but was not offered that option even after I friended you.

  4. PS Yes – “treat” would be more realistic than “cure”…. Getting professional help is always recommended if you have any worries about your mental functions. :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your writings.

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