Why are We Resistant to Change?

A satiric yet inspirational account on wide-spread procrastination, why we refuse to change ourselves, why habits “die hard” and why some succeed in life while others don’t. In an age of lethargy, excuses, broken dreams and peer pressure, I present an enchanting read which will transform your life.

Many have preached ‘change’ with all their hearts; the usual monotonous slogans of ‘Change is nature’ and ‘Change is the basis of betterment’ uttered over and over again, but igniting absolutely no inspiration in the minds of people. Though enthusiastic crowds discuss extensively about ‘spreading awareness’, ‘solving global issues’ and other similar small-talk, no one seems to be inclined to use all the awareness they have obtained. For a supposedly fast, dynamic generation, most people lazy procrastinators, satisfied to wallow in their entertainment-filled comfort zone. They crave fame, success and glory but when it comes to actually doing something; which is what this essay is all about; they acquire a seemingly common symptom of cold feet.

                For youngsters to achieve and thus stand out among the rest, one needs to look out for two primary ingredients: talent and passion. In the words of Erica Jong, “Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.”  Passion, however, can be found only in those who leave the company of endearing television sets and video game sets for a while. Some, however, fall under the consuming shadow of ‘When I grow up, I will…” Well, simply said, growing up is merely a process of shattering a few illusions, to acquire a few more. There are still others who ask around for the elusive, infamous ‘secret’ to success, when actually the only factor that separates those who did something and those who didn’t is the impulsiveness in every action. Just doing exactly what you want to achieve is the only secret there is.

                Ironically, people tend to complain about the situation of their country, identity, physique, character, supposed weaknesses, helplessness and all the other obstacles one can possibly think of. These are the ‘obstacles’, the frightening things we see, when we do not wish to fully put the effort to change ourselves for the better. Whether the effort is as simple as going to the gym, sitting down in one place and studying, practising every day and sticking with your idea or not, people who procrastinate, will always constantly find a way to procrastinate. One of the prominent excuses in the modern age is the theory that they are already happy due to a versatile range of entertainment, so why try so hard to achieve? A person who has never strived to achieve, doesn’t know the true meaning of happiness.

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