Why Bipolar Difficult Detected?

INTERFERENCE bipolar often go undetected because the situation is similar to the liver. If not treated, patients with psychiatric disorders can be fatal adverse acts.

Natural depression (photo: Corbis)

Bipolar disorder is a psychiatric disorder in a person who causes serious shifts in mood, energy, thought, and extreme behaviors. On the one hand very excited, on the other hand is very depressed.

More than just a mood that lasted briefly, bipolar disorder can last for days, even months. Unlike normal mood, mood changes of bipolar disorder so severe that it interferes with the performance.

“We’re manic, they (people with bipolar disorder) will be very energetic, active. Like speeding-ngebutan, like shopping, to be extravagant, but not until afterwards will be very depressed, sad, and often had the idea to end his life. Thus, this disorder endanger the patient’s surroundings and comfort, “said Dr. AA Ayu Agung Kusumawardhani, SpKJ (K), Head of Psychiatry Department of theRSCM in the media seminar “Bipolar Disorder: Can Controlled?” in Room Two Pearls 1, Hotel JW Marriot Jakarta, Wednesday (03/25/2012).

Therefore, patients with bipolar disorder should be treated with wary of symptoms. The reason, bipolar disorder tends to worsen without treatment.

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