Women: Are You in an Abusive Relationship?

A guide about the various types of domestic abuse and how you can spot them.

Domestic abuse is a serious problem in our society.  So many women get abused because they are unaware of the warning signs, or may not know exactly what abuse is.  There are many things that are abusive that don’t necessarily involve hitting a woman.  This is important.  Learn the warning signs and keep yourself safe from entering a possaibly fatal relationship.

I want you to know that the reason I am writing this article because I understand the dangers of abusive relationships- I was in one for three year.  Having been away from it now for a little less than a year has helped me see how truly unhappy I was- and it makes me want to warn other women about the dangers that are out there.  Please read through this article, because there is information in it that could save your life.

The Kinds of Abusive Relatinoships

1. physical- Physical abuse is the easiest to become aware of, because it involves one partner brutally beating the other.  Punching, kicking, biting, pinching, pushing, burning, and stabbing are all fairly common forms of physical abuse.

2. emotional- Being constantly manipulated, told you are ugly, worthless, stupid, or constant questions about your fidelity are common signs of emotional abuse.

3. financial- Using your money, or not allowing you to use your money, controlling the bank accounts, and not allowing you to access money when you need it are the epitome of financial abuse.

Common Signs a Man May Become Abusive

1. Manipulative

2. Control

3. Jealousy and Posessiveness

4. Accusative

5. Black and White Thinking

6. Came from an abusive family

7. Alcohol or drug use

8. Unwilling to get help

9. Difficult to please

10. Anger and impulse control problems

Please know that there are many online resources if you think you may be in an abusive relationship.  Help is our there for you and your children.  There are ways out, and they are much safter and much healthier than sticking around with him in a dangerous environment.

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