Your Body, Your Mind And Your Happiness: The Art of Living

Every living thing in this world has only one objective. That is, ‘to be happy always’. Therefore every action done by them is to seek happiness. Every man and every woman wants to be happy always. Man thinks sensual pleasures can make him happy. He also thinks that money can provide him all the sensual pleasures he wants. Is it true one can be happy always if he has enough money? Can money guarantee you real happiness in life? Please continue reading…..

Sensual pleasures: What are sensual pleasures anyway?  All pleasures you  enjoy using the five senses namely seeing, hearing, smelling, touching and tasting are sensual pleasures. You are happy when you listen to a good music, see a good scenery, eat a delicious food, touch the person you are in love with and smell the good fragrance of a flower. All the pleasures man wants to enjoy are with these five senses only. Smoking, drinking, gambling, sex etc., are the most sought sensual pleasures by man.

How to get the worldly pleasures: Man thinks he can get all these sensual pleasures with money.  Man thinks he needs health, wealth and fame to be happy. It’s true that money can buy many things in life.  But, can money give you happiness always? It’s also true that fame and recognition can give you happiness.  Can money and fame give you happiness always?  If it is so, why did so many famous and rich people like Marilyn Monroe commit suicide?  Or do you need a good relationship and a secured family to be happy always? If so, why is that there are so many people out there having a good family and yet unhappy?

The key to real happiness: It’s now obvious that man can be unhappy even when he has money, health, fame and good family. The fact of the matter is, happiness or unhappiness comes from your mind. In other words true happiness is within  you.  It’s the mind that decides your happiness and unhappiness. With a strong, positive mind, you can make a Heaven out of Hell and with a weak, negative mind, you can make a Hell out of Heaven.

Summary: Man wants to be happy always. He thinks money, fame, health and good family can give him happiness. The fact of the matter is, happiness is within you. The mind within you makes you happy or unhappy. If you learn to develop your mind to stay positive always, you will be able to live happily always.  Human mind is extremely powerful. It’s the fastest thing in the Universe. If you develop your mind to stay calm and happy , you can enjoy the real happiness through out your life. Developing the powerful mind within you is the best art of living, you should practice. Thanks for reading.

                                   What is the real happiness? Have you experienced it?

                                     The difference between knowledge and wisdom

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  9. This is a great motto to live by, and good tips.

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  11. Good insights. We can choose within ourselves to be happy or not.

  12. Great advice, vijayanths. I have been looking after my mom for the past 7 months and in that time, experience has taught me it is all too easy to get so involved in everyday life that you we forget about free will and our ability to make the conscience decision to be happy.

    I don’t get to triond much now, but I am glad I stopped in today.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  13. welcome back Darlene McFarlane . Missed your articles, you and your comments. You are one of the writers I respect a lot.

  14. If you don’t have God in your life you could never be truly happy.

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