You’re a Remarkable Human Being

Inspiration/Positive Reflections.

You’re a remarkable human being


Each and every one of us are a unique masterpiece with the innovative stroke of the artist of all artists. We live and breathe in a world of wonder and at times relentless confusion. Many of us say we do the best we can, with a hint of optimism and search for clear paths and answers to our unanswered questions about the monopoly of life.

We at times fall short in realizing our marvelous potentials, maybe because of what someone said to us in a demeaning manner or displays of jealousy loom, and one is quick to discourage us with cruel remarks and untruths. 

At times, life has taken painful turns leaving us disillusioned and sorrowful, crippling our thoughts and emotions. Weaving a bright pattern is sometimes difficult, not impossible, with realization that all of us are special in so many different ways.

When a fledgling leaves the nest, it flourishes into the unknown, searching and learning day by day its diverse capabilities. The same is true of all mammals- including us. We stumble and get back up again embracing the astounding human beings that we are and welcome the positive challenges; conquering the negative afflictions with dignity and hope. 

It doesn’t take magic to realize the awesome structure of our being. Equipped with the essential tools, to soar into the channels of life helping one another and interjecting good deeds, feeling blessed that we’re exceptionally good people; looking for the morrow with zest and gleeful determination.

You’re a Remarkable Human Being

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  1. very inspiring article

  2. I like it.Great share

  3. Reading this does make it a wonderful world! Love your take on life and it’s so true. We are individually special and should have the grace to accept it. : D

  4. Inspiration thanks Lisa ^_^

  5. Great share

  6. Well written and full of encouragement.

  7. Your writing is poetic and so true.

  8. Very good cheers

  9. I love it. Very motivational

  10. Well written – thank you. And thank you for your support.

  11. Having taught anatomy and physiology for many years, I just GOTTA agree with you. Our bodies ARE remarkable.

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