A Mini Life Story of an Au Pair

An little peak into the head of an Au Pair that has travelled from South Africa to the USA to work here for a year.

To start this off I should probably tell you my name. Its Ilsa Rother. I am from Cape Town, South Africa. Born and raised!

I was born into a family of 4. Being the 5th addition. I have two older sisters with age gaps of 7 years (Ruth) and 4 years (Heidi). My father passed away when I was 11 years old. He had a heart attack in our house and died within an hour of it happening. So it was my mom and sisters and I that stayed together from there. A house full of females from there. And my oh my, what an experience! From fighting to sitting with each other and crying about ‘life’ and everything that comes with it. We made some of the best memories in those years together. We have many years ahead of us to make some more memories though! 

Ruth moved out when she was 25 and moved in with her fiancé who she recently married. My other sister has in this time moved out and then back home to save to buy a house with her soon to be fiancé? We think so but were not sure! My mother also has a boyfriend who has been a family friend since before I was born. He is a real sweetie and adores my mom. My sisters and I get along well with him and think he is the best thing for my mom.

My dad was German and my mom is English. I was raised in a very strict manner until my dad passed away. I was brought up with my dad being very strict with whatever he says being the way it is. No arguing. No questioning. You just do it. When my dad died things became more relaxed and my mom let us make more of our own decisions and in turn our own mistakes. 

Growing up with a strict dad who put a lot of emphasis on manners and good behavior has moulded me into who I am today. My basic life ‘rules’ that I live by and view on people. Children especially. But I feel that having my mother become more relaxed when my dad passed away played such an important part in life as well. I was able to grow up and make my own decisions and be more relaxed with life and most importantly, myself. It was a huge change in our lives. My whole family. To be able to grow up and live in a lifestyle that wasn’t constantly being restricted by your fathers rules and regulations. We became our own people and found our own personalities that had been inside of us somewhere. 

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