Australia #9 Live Longest But Getting More and More Obesity Which Could Change Their Standing

Australia became #9 on logest living rates, but with the way more and more people are becoming obese, this number can change. Currently, Australians live 81.90 years old.

One reason Australia currently has #9 in living longest is because for some time they were not as obese as the rest of the world. But this is changing over he years. One of the reasons obesity is increasing is because of the poor public transportation that means people get in their cars and go instead of walking to their bus stops or subway stop. There are also less parks now which means that kids have no place to play and instead sit down in front of their computers and get on Facebook iinstead of playing like my parents and I did. Also, not as many parks mean no place for people to walk, either around the park or hiking trail in the park. There is also less open spaces where people can get going a game of rugby offootball (soccer). When there is no space for these games, the less likely the people will play these games, especially if it is a 40 minute drive to get to the place they are going to play. Even when the people do go find a place to play these games 40 minutes away, they have to spend a long time sitting in traffic which means less exercise.

In Australia a lot of school and workplaces must be driven to because they are too far in which to walk. It is much better to get in your car than getting hit by a car or perhaps a train. There may be people who only go to school or work 10 minutes away, but are too lazy to walk, so they hop in their car. It wouldn’t be as bad if Australians took public transportation because at least they would have to walk to get to it, so at least they get a bit of exercise.

Also, people are building bigger houses. And these bigger houses sometimes means a person is sacrificing their backyard because they only have so much area to build. This is especially bad if the couple already have or plan to have kids. This means no backyards to play and with their being less open areas where they can play a game and less parks means a child might never  experience the sliding board  or swings which would give them exercise.

Obesity also comes with commuting by car. When a person goes to work by car, this means many other people are going to work by car, too. So this means sitting in traffic more. Then there are Long detours because of work going on on the roads. And we all know driving means less time exercise.

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