Caring Qualities of a Nurse

A caring moment in this nurse’s career consisted of transferring the needs of a family while caring for a dying young patient.

     This moment in time changed my every thought of practicing as a nurse.  I developed increased compassion and became more daring to share myself to others and my experience as a nurse.  I experienced self actualized in this moment and realized I was stepping forward in my career to share my experience with other nurses.  Theory assumptions related to person, health, nursing, and environment are easily visualized in this sequel of events within the caring moment. 

     While the young male patient was dying the nurse cared for the young man washing his bleeding wounds while singing softly as he was dying with AIDS.  The family was afraid of AIDS and although the nurse tried to comfort the family with educational tools the family remained frightened and looked to the nurse for comfort and healing for his or her family member.  This trans-personal time became a healing time for this nurse as the needs of the patient and family became entwined in the later moments f this young man’s life on earth. 

     Bringing forth the desire to comfort the family and share the comfort with the patient became relevant and the biases of this disease process dissipated and his struggle for life was apparent.  He needed to let go and let God render the ultimate healing to end his suffering on earth, which was evident of the nearing time of gasping breath ending in death.

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