How a Student Nurse Can Perfect The Intramuscular Injection (Im) Technique

A student nurse can perfect her intramuscular injection through practice and perseverance.

As a student nurse, you should be equipped with nursing skills and knowledge before you can practice your course in a hospital. Intramuscular Injection is among the skills a nursing student must know and perfect.  However, at times this skill is difficult to execute to actual patients if it is not well learnt. Here is how a nursing student can perfect the IM technique.

 It needs only practice.  Practicing can be done in school or at home after learning the theory. However, a student nurse should buy her own syringe and needle. Liquid solution is not a problem as water can be use, but if you can get expired drugs for the purpose of practice, then it would be better. Having the expired drug to represent the actual drug may let you practice how to calculate the diluents, how to dilute the solution, and aspirate the solution in its actual bottle or vial.

Vegetables like eggplant, chayote, and other fleshy vegetables or fruits can be used as an injection medium. This is just to experience how to hold the syringe properly and to get the right angle of an intramuscular injection technique.

Although, you may not actually appreciate the actual aspiration with fruits or vegetables, the act of inserting the needle is what is practiced here. Another medium is to use big rug dolls. The student nurse can apply the right position of both hands in the arms and buttocks of the rug doll.

If you are confident with yourself and with the procedure, take the chance to inject animals that needs intramuscular injection. This is a better medium to practice because they resemble the muscles, tissues of humans.

If this is done regularly, in due time a student nurse can perfect the intramuscular injection as they always say practice is the key in perfecting intramuscular injection. After all, practice applies in almost any nursing skill.


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