How to Be an Excellent Nurse

A nurse should be all of these things below.

Nursing courses are very in demand all over the world. Nursing is a mere word, but can get you to the places you have never seen. Being a nurse is an opportunity to help other people with different cultures. Being a nurse is not just doing your work in the hospital, checking the condition of the patients or following the order of the doctors. Here are some of the qualities that a nurse should have.

  1. As a profession in the health care scenario, a nurse should be responsible and devoted to his/her work
  2. Nursing practice should come from a person who cares and knows how to love and be loved. In other words, the nurse has to be a “spiritually honed person, biometrically formed and happy to be of service to the needy brethren.”.
  3. S/he should be equipped with scientific knowledge and skills and should deliver services from the heart
  4. The nurse must fully understand the human responses in the health-illness spectrum and should view the patient as a unique, whole person, who is a member of a family and community
  5. The nursing actions, which are based on scientific knowledge and principles, should spring from a genuine concern for the patient’s welfare and interest
  6. The nurse has to project an image of an “Angel of Mercy” which means comforting and nurturing the patient
  7. Nurse must be inspiring, caring, competent, humble yet excellent and gentle, because they exemplify these values
  8. Nurse/s must demonstrate in their day to day practice both the art and the science of nursing, a blend of the old values and ethics and the new scientific knowledge and skills of the profession

These are some qualities or characteristics of a nurse. Do you have those qualities? If you have, you are qualified to be a member of the health care team. We are to humanize care in the midst of highly technical medicine. We must master the technology. We must understand and unleash the power of caring, the power of loving, and the power of excellence.

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  1. im proud to be a nurse –,

  2. Great, informative article.

  3. a nurse should be productive… it is a calling duty… you are offering yourself on those who are in need… so good luck on your career =]

  4. Great informative content keep peening thanks.

  5. A Nurse should read this so inspiring.

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