Life of a Nursing Student

Based from experience.

As a normal day for some people would be like wake-up – Eat – Take a bath – Get dressed – go to school – home – sleep. But for an average nursing student, it would be a different story. Being a Nursing student is quite rough, don’t you think? I’m not discouraging those who are aspiring to be a nurse to not take up nursing.

Nursing is Fun. It’s filled with great challenges and will drive you crazy, sometimes literally. But as i said nursing is fun, you get to go on duty while you’re still a student, having to help in an operation, having to assist on giving birth to another member of the world, see someone die, and other stuff like that. Nursing is really tough, it builds you physically, mentally, and not to mention emotionally. And through this you would also gain new friends, and see people smile leaving the hospital cured of their sickness, and of course the best part would be having to be thanked by the patient you were caring for.

Sometimes people says “our classes are much more stressful than yours.” But i always think of it this way, they just don’t know how stressful our work course is. We almost go to class everyday, very little time for rest. Well, i had to go on assessment duties on a Sunday, while others are at home taking their rest day, goes on duty 8 hours a day for Mondays and Tuesdays, goes to whole day class on a Wednesday to a Saturday, we also had to make requirements for duties which then cuts short our sleeping time during Sunday evenings. Also, on duties we had to think that being nurses “we are stepping in two different places at the same time, one is at the hospital and the other would be at prison.”

It is not simple to take up nursing, but i may confess it’s also a bit more fun. The risks that we are taking, the live that are in our hands to handle, and the very hard requirements to be done before duties starts. Well, that why Nursing is more fun in the Philippines

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  1. I feel what you feel bro.

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