Nursing Care Plan: Impaired Walking

A sample nursing care plan I have made for a patient inside the surgical ward. This sample Nursing Care Plan is meant to enhance the Knowledge of a person interested in the field of Nursing.


Subjective cues;

Client verbalized, “I Can’t walk my leg hurts.”

Objective cues;

-Incision site at both feet.

- Wound dressing on both feet

-Bi pedal swelling

Nursing Diagnosis

 Impaired walking R/T Musculoskeletal impairment as evidenced by bi pedal injury.


Limitation of independent movement within the environment on foot.


Nurse’s Pocket Guide:Diagnoses, Prioritized, Interventions and rationale, 9th edition  


Predisposing              Precipitating

-Age                    -Lack of    Family support      

                           -Poor wound hygiene

                           – Above normal

                              result in RBS

                          - Wound dressing

                             on both feet.


           Bus accident


Skin and tissue injury on both feet


Damaged veins, capillaries, nerve endings and muscles (digitorum brevis andhallucis longus).


Injury to metatarsal bones


Fracture of the phalanges


Impaired blood circulation


Disarticulation of the left big toe anddebridement of necrotic tissues


     Poor wound healing


             Impaired walking

Desired Outcome/objectives

Within 4 days of nursing intervention client will be able to:

1.      Identify precipitating factors & verbalize understanding about these precipitating factors

2.      Demonstrate activities of daily living that can be performed independently even on b ed.

  3.      Verbalize feelings regarding her health status.
Nursing intervention


*Enumerate to the client the different precipitating factors and explain the importance of understanding these factors.

*Encourage patient to do some activities of daily living (bed such as tooth brushing, combing of hair, folding of blanket, and changing of clothes)

*Determine ability of the patient to follow directions when giving instructions and note emotional responses that may be affecting the situation.

*Provide ample time for the client to perform mobility related tasks.


1.Administered medication as prescribed

2. Refer to resources, as indicated such as physical therapy and occupational therapy


Nurse’s Pocket Guide:Diagnoses, Prioritized, Interventions and rationale, 9th edition


*To provide the client information about her health status. Identify conditions that may interfere with client’s recovery

* Promote mobility and independence in the part of the client.

*To assess the contributing factors to the clients health status.

*To help the client perform activities adequately and reduce the risk of falling and managing pain.

*To help the client recover

   *For further treatment of the illness.
After 4 days of nursing intervention client was able  to:
Evaluate your client basing on your desired outcome 

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