Nursing Guide: List of Nursing Theorists and Model Proponents

Here is a list of theorists and model proponents with their contribution to the field of nursing.

ANNE CASEY – Casey’s Model of Nursing
BETTY NEUMAN – Health Care System Model
BONNIE WEAVER DULDT- BATTEY – Theory of Humanistic Nursing Communication
DOROTHEA OREM – Self-Care Deficit Theory
DOROTHY JOHNSON – Behavioral System Model
EDWARD SUCHMAN – Stage of Illness Model
ERNESTINE WEIDENBACH – Prescriptive Theory
FAYE GLENN ABDELLAH – 21 Nursing Problem
FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE – Environmental Theory of Nursing
HILDEGARD PEPLAU – Theory of Interpersonal Relations
IDA JEAN ORLANDO – Nursing Process Theory
IMOGENE KING – Goal Attainment Theory
IOANNIS KOLOFISSUDIS – Complexity Nursing Theory
JEAN WATSON – Theory of Transpersonal Caring
JOAN RIEHL-SISCA – Self Concept Construct
JOYCE FITZPATRICK – Life Perspective Rhythm Model
JOYCE TRAVELBEE – Human-to-Human Relationship Model
KATHERINE KOLCABA – Theory of Comfort
KURT LEWIN – Change Theory
LEON FESTINGER – Theory of Cognitive Dissonance
LYDIA HALL – Care core cure
MAJORY GORDEN – Functional Health Patterns
MARTHA ROGERS – Science of Unitary Human Being
NANCY MILLO – Framework of Prevention
NORA PENDER – Health Promotion Model
MARGARET NEWMAN – Health as Expanding Consciousness
MYRA ESTRIN LEVINE – 4 Principles of Conservation
PATRICIA BENNER – From Novice to Expert
ROBERT CARKHUFF – Helping and Human Relationship
RAMONA MERCER – Maternal Role Attainment Theory
ROSEMARIE RIZZOPARSE – Theory of Human Becoming
SISTER CALISTA ROY – Adaptation Model
VIRGINIA HENDERSON – 14 Basic Needs of clients

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