Nursing Research Topics for Philippine Student Nurses

Philippines student nurses can do nursing research with the following suggested topics.

Nursing research is one of the requirements in the Philippines for nursing students before they could graduate. Most often, student nurses have a difficult time configuring what topic to research given the limited time. The problem of the research becomes now their problem. Doing research should not be difficult because nursing research topics for Philippine student nurses are abundant. Here are some of them:

1.      The outbreak of Dengue in the country.

            This is a very researchable topic in the Philippines because of the many available resources.  Dengue is not new in the country and there are many researches done in the past. This makes it easier to locate for resources. Probably it would be good to include the following under it:

A.    Areas where the disease is most prevalent these days.

B.     Changes in the places involved as dengue is already widespread unlike before.

C.     The health practices of the community especially in cleanliness.

D.    What is being done by the government to reduce incidences?

E.     Nursing or medical care of victims in the hospital or at home and during discharge.

This could be done through survey method. Other options under this topic would be to go beyond the recommendations of one research study to be the topic to research.

2.      The Prevalence of cancer among Filipinos.

Cancer disease is also an interesting topic for a nursing research. Cancer has been observed to be among the killers of Filipinos. Student nurses could include many sub topics under this area.

A.    Pattern of the disease. What age is being affected these days and compare it with the previous victims. Who are most affected

B.     Lifestyle of the victims. Lifestyle depends though on the type of cancer you are going to study.

C.     Areas where cancer is most prevalent

There many other topics under this. It all depends on what angle you are interested in. Research also depends on the kind of cancer you want to study. Data on this topic could also be gathered through survey method, questionnaire, or history taking.

3.      Job placement of nursing graduates in the Philippines.

In this research topic, you may find out the job placement of the nursing graduate in a certain locality or school. This is another interesting research as nursing profession in the Philippines today is now in question as to its employability. Nurses are having difficulty looking for jobs. You may include job opportunities of nursing graduates these days after the implementation of a 2 year experience in the country before going abroad. Are they resting nurses? Are they in the call centers as an agent, in the hospital, teaching, research or somewhere else? This research topic may divulge the plight of Filipino nurses.

These are only a few examples of nursing research topics for Philippines student nurses to start their research work.


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