The Bad Side to Nursing

This is on some of the negative things about nursing.

Nursing is a great profession because you will never be afraid of running out of a job. However, there are some bad sides to nursing too that you will need to know. Everything that you know about nursing will help you since it’s a very difficult profession. You’re the right hand of the doctor so you do need to know as much as you can.

Nursing is a stressful job. I’ve worked in this field for several years so I know how bad it can be for the nurse. I’ve seen some that cried at the end of the day. I’ve seen some that get terminated over mistakes or quit over it. I’ve seen some that have been reported on the spots by doctors. There are some that have to put up with bullying from co-workers. Nursing is not your glamorous type of job. It’s not and you should know that before going into nursing. It’s better not to start it then to go in and quit it afterward. There are plenty of students that would quit it after the first semester when they learn that they have to do a lot of dirty things in the hospital like cleaning up after the patients when they have a bowel movement.

Nursing is a dirty job because you do have to clean up patients even if you have an NA. If you don’t like cleaning up patients then you should re-consider another job. If you don’t like open wounds, blood, smelly infections, open body part then nursing is not for you. If you don’t like people reporting you and doctors chewing you out once in awhile then nursing is not for you. Nursing required that you have a clean background and be free of communicable diseases and if you carry these things then you might not qualified to be in the program.

When you work as a nurse, you will be working long hours with many patients assigned to you. You will be working a 12 hours shift and you will have around 5 -7 patients per night and it will depends on the floor that you will be working with. You have to take them because they are your patients and those are the hours. If you enjoy a short day work and little people to deal with then this is not for you. You will be expected to do your job with zero errors and if you make mistakes that are serious enough, you might get your license suspended or revoke. This is why nurses needed to be very meticulous. When they’re meticulous, they will make fewer errors. These are just a few of the negative sides to nursing but there are much more to nursing then this.

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