10 Benefits of Aronia Berry

The aronia berry is taking the world by storm.

The aronia berry, otherwise known as chokeberry, is a fruit native to North America that was once a very popular food item among Native Americans and early settlers in the United States because of its many health benefits.

The popularity of the aronia berry has dwindled throughout the years, but today it is taking center stage once again among the many nutrient-filled fruits making their way in the diets of those who seek alternative health choices and fresh foods with a lot of benefits for the body.

Due to the rising interest in raw food diets, fresh fruits and generally a healthier lifestyle for people today, the aronia berry is making a splash in the United States and around the world once more.

The aronia berry has many health benefits. Aronia berries contain antioxidants (the highest antioxidant berry), which everyone knows help protect the body against cancers; research from the University of Maryland suggests that aronia berries may be great at fighting colon cancer in particular. Aronia berries also contain useful minerals and vitamins—namely Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B6 and Folic acid.

Aronia berries are popping up in supermarket aisles and in households all across America. They are sold as candies, pie fillings, yogurt, sorbet, jellies and in cookie fillings to name a few. Along with these easy uses of the aronia berry, the fruit is more commonly found in wine produced in Eastern Europe. Aronia berry is a very popular flavor in wines produced in Poland and Russia and they are also sold as juices in these countries for their benefits.

Be sure to add aronia berries to your diet to taste what has mystified Native Americans and people in the Americas for centuries, all while you add some much needed nutrients to your body for a healthier life.

10 Benefits of the Aronia Berry

  1. Is a great source of antioxidants
  2. Fights against heart disease and other cardiovascular problems
  3. Helps prevent blood pressure from becoming too high
  4. Promotes a healthy urinary tract
  5. Has anti-inflammatory properties
  6. Fights bacteria and viruses, such as colds and the flu
  7. Strengthens memory
  8. Aids digestion
  9. The body produce good cholesterol
  10. Provides the body with essential oils

With all the benefits that the aronia berry has for the body, it’s easy to see why this little fruit is causing quite a positive stir in the people who come in contact with its healing powers.

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  1. A cool berry but I like the “super grape” in Vivix:

  2. WOW! I looked up aronia juice becasue it is an ingredient in the Pomeganite/Blueberry juice produced by Archer Farms, and sold at Target. Originally I sought our an inexpensive pomegranate juice at Target because my acupunturist recommended pomegranate juice for cleansing the liver and all the other juices were too expensive for my budget However, I soon began drinking began drinking the Pomegranate/Bluebarry juice becasue of its high vitamin c content and amzingly tart flavor. Until today I didn’t know the effects of the aronia berry but have have felt them drinking the this juice – not only do I no longer get colds but my complexion is very clear and healthy..



  4. Loved your article on aroniaberries. Our company, Superberries, offers several aroniaberry products. Go to our website for more information about the health benefits of aroniaberries and aroniaberry recipes.

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  6. My blood pressure has been like really low after drinking the Blueberry/ Pomegrante juice, and when I looked at the ingredients I noticed the aronia juice- it really ha lowered my blood pressure

  7. I had heart attack, one stent implanted, damaged left atrium 50%. After 3 months I heard for Aronia juice and started to drink 0,5 dcl each morning. It is a pure aronia juice my by cold extraction from Syberian aronia. After 2 weeks it decreased my blood pressure, and now I am using half dose of Beta-blocator (in consultation with my cardiologist). Now is 4 months after infarct, and month after drinking aronia juice, I feel much better, walking each day 5 km without feeling weaknes, and it is not a slow walk. I know that aronia is not a magical fruit, but I belive that benefit for my health is significant. WARNING. Consult your medical doctor and do not change your theraphy without consuslting medical specialist. This would be a stupid thing to do. Good luck to all!

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