10 Common Fruits with Highest Glycemic Index

Fruits which are high in Glycemic Index (G.I) increase the blood sugar levels very fast and are not very healthy for diabetics.

10) Kiwi Fruit

File:Kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) 1 Luc Viatour edit.jpg10)

Kiwi is a green coloured fruit which is juicy and is somewhat tangy in taste. This fruit is popularly grown in countries like Japan, Italy and New Zealand. It has a G.I of 47

9) Green Grapes (Sultanas) 

File:Thompson seedless grapes.JPG

These are the Green coloured grapes which are popular in most countries but they are grown with different names. They usually sweet but sometimes sour when unripe. These grapes have a G.I of 56

No. 8) Bananas 


Bananas can be regarded as one of the most popular fruit in the world. Banana is a sweet fruit and its G.I is 58.

7) Mango

File:Mango and cross section edit.jpg

Mango is a fruit which is considered the king of fruits in India as India is the highest producer of Mango and it has a G.I of 60. It is available in a number of varieties which are sweet as well as sour.

6) Papaya

Papaya also has a G.I which is equal to Mango and it is 60. Papaya is very juicy fruit which is usually sweet in taste.

5) Figs


Figs have a G.I of 61. Fig is a healthy fruit which has some great nutritional values. It is grown in Northern Africa and Southern Europe.

4) Raisins


Raisins have a G.I of 64. Raisins are made by dehydrating grapes which is another common fruit. Grapes are quite sweet in taste.


File:Pineapple and cross section.jpg

Pineapple has a G.I of 64. It is a sweet fruit that has a very rough covering. It is popularly grown in Asia.

2) Watermelon 

File:Taiwan 2009 Tainan City Organic Farm Watermelon FRD 7962.jpg

Watermelon is one of the juiciest fruit and it has a very high G.I of 80. Even though the GI of weatermelon is very high but the carbohydrate content is very less, this property of the watermelon makes it a good fruit for diabetics.

1) Dates


Dates are the fruits with highest G.I and that is a staggering 103. They are sweet and are derived from date palm.

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