10 Exotic Tropical Fruits From All Over the World

Fruits are very delicious and make us healthy. Some fruits grow in temperate regions, some in tropical regions. Here is a list of ten exotic tropical fruits from all over the world.

Fruits are very delicious and make us healthy. Some fruits grow in temperate regions, some in tropical regions. Here is a list of ten exotic tropical fruits from all over the world.


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Mangosteen is a common fruit in Southeast Asia. It is a round berry shaped fruit. The fruit is one of the most delicious fruits. The fruit has deep purple skin with sweet and tangy edible flesh that is similar to peach flavor and texture. It has cooling effect on body. It is rich in antioxidants and nutrients.

Salak (Snake Fruit)

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Salk is also called as Snake fruit because of its reddish brown-scaly skin. It is a species of palm tree. The origin of this fruit is Indonesia and Malaysia. The fruit has three lobes, each has large inedible seed. The lobes resemble peeled garlic cloves. The pulp of fruit is edible and tastes sweet and acidic.


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Durian is native to Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. It is a large green fruit with spiny exteriors and soft and edible segments. Durians have pungent smell, but durian lovers say it is the king of fruits. They are aphrodisiacs.

Horned Melon

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Horned melon is also called jelly melon or English tomato. The fruit is native to Kalahari Desert in Africa. It looks like an oval melon with horns, hence the name. The fruit has dark green pulp which has a delicious flavour like cucumber. It is widely used in desserts as well as a topping for cheesecakes, sundaes, mousses etc.

Dragon Fruit

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Pitaya is otherwise known as dragon fruit due to its resemblance of dragon. Usually these fruits contain various skin colors like red, yellow and pink. The skin is not edible, but the greyish flesh and black seeds inside the fruits are edible. Dragon fruits are very delicious and healthy. They are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Wax Apples

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Wax apples are native to Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines. This fruit is otherwise known as rose apple for its smell as well as taste like roses. They are easily perishable, hence rarely available in the markets. This bell-shaped are crunchy and have a delicious fresh flavor. It can be whole, but many people prefer to eat after removing the core.


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Bael is cultivated throughout India, Philippine, Java and Sri Lanka. The fruit has woody-skin with numerous seeds covered in thick, aromatic pulp. The skin of some forms of this fruit is so hard that can be cracked open with a hammer. If the fruit is fresh, juice can be made similar to lemonade. Dried fruits are made into slices and boiled in water for usage. The fruit is widely used in Ayurveda which is considered as a remedy for constipation, diarrhea, dysentery and common cold.


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Rambutan originated in tropical lands of Malaysia. The fruit has soft fleshy hair (in Malay rambut means hair), hence the name. The fruit has the size of an egg with leatherish skin and single seed. The skin and seed are discarded; the white, sweet and juicy flesh is edible which is very delicious.


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Longan is a tropical tree found China, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The fruit is close relative to Litchi .The fresh fruits are white and juicy where as the dried longans are dark brown or black. Vietnamese make desserts with this fruit. These fruits are very effective in relaxing body.

Star Apple

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Star apples are native to Central America and West Indies. The fruit exist in two colors, one is dark purple and another one is greenish brown. The greenish brown fruit has a thin skin and a more liquid pulp where as purple one has thicker skin. This is delicious as a fresh fruit and best if served chilled.

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  1. An awesome list, Valli. There are many that I’ve not heard before.

  2. really fantastic….

  3. i like 8 of those fruits except for dragon fruit and wax apple,we call it locally as MAKOPA,durian are also cultivated and (I think)endemic also to Davao,thanks

  4. Yum! The only one I’ve eaten is the starapple. It’s native to South America also.

    Great pictures, they make my mouth water.

  5. Good work Valli. Superb pictures.

  6. I love these fruits. I always have to try something new. It lets you open your horizons to different tastes. Informative Valli.

  7. “From all over the world”? Come on, I can think of six Amazonian fruits from the top of my head that you didn’t add here, yet 4 items from your list come from Malaysia.

  8. Where are the Goji berries? What about Acai berries? And Noni fruit? Amalaki? Jujube? Maqui? WTF?

  9. Thanks every one for the feedback. I didn’t list all the fruits out there. I only wrote about some of them that I thought were interesting.

  10. Valli, your pictures and article is beautiful and so informative. Most of these fruits look totally unfamiliar to me. I love to learn about new things.

    Thank you and God bless.

  11. Wow, those were really neat pictures. Love that article!

  12. Great list… i want to try some of these!

  13. Thanks for reading and commenting Judy, Lauren and Alexa.

  14. Valli,
    Great List. I would love to try some. It looks delicious.

  15. I wouldn’t mind trying some of them myself:)

  16. wowww//i taste almost of them in phil…native fruits..i miss durian and mangostene

  17. Great article. Actually I have a similar one halfb finished waiting in my ‘drafts’ file. I’ll keep hold of it for a while now.

  18. Wow, great list, valli! Thanks for your labor and take care!

  19. I’ve eaten some of those before, so some of them are so native to me :D

  20. A great list and such wonderful pictures.

  21. Wow! what a great list and awesome pics. Very well done.

  22. Thank you everybody for the nice feedback.

  23. Try to consider the dragon fruit. It\’s very healthy try to google its info/health benefits.

  24. Im from Jamaica

    We call the Rose Apple Oh tahiti apple cuz that where it originated from.

    To add to the list:

    -Breadfruit: tastes just like bread when roasted!
    -Ackee: eaten like meat ie cooked with seasoning etc and eaten with any staple example rice etc (our national fruit)
    -Guinep- Have and sour at the same time
    -Jackfruit-Oh soo delicious! yellow outside with tons of spikes, inside the fruit is yellow with numerous seeds (the seeds can be boiled and eaten as a staple).

  25. To add: Roasted breadfruit and ackee is our national dish.

  26. Thanks for the info! I see some of these fruits in the supermarket but never bothered to try any. Thanks to your descriptions I’ll be sure to pick some up!

  27. I lived in Singapore, and so have actually tried six of these ten (longan, rambutan, jackfruit, mangosteen, duryan, and dragonfruit). Dragonfruit is probably my favorite of them — if you get it at the right time, it tastes rather like kiwi fruit. But I’ve had it at the wrong time, and it was almost completely without flavor.

    Some other fruits spotted in Singapore: buddha’s fingers, custard apples, Thai fragrant seed, and jambu.

  28. Lovely photos! Delicious fruits o well, I am not a fan of the durian :)

  29. Fantastic! I have not come across some. You may send newer ones to me.

  30. nice collection, plz add the fruits which are asked by these people

  31. i knew them

  32. hi vallie thanks for that info it really helped with my homework for grade 5

  33. hi vallie thanks for that info it really helped with my homework for tropical fruit


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