10 Health Benefits of Clams

Looking for an ally in fighting Alzheimers Disease and arthritis? Try clams, they are excellent sources of nutrients that have shown to be beneficial in fighting both conditions. They are low in fat and calories, too.

1. May help prevent Alzheimers Disease (Vitamin B12 – 1648%)

The B group of vitamins is known for their important role in keeping the central nervous system healthy. Recently, the spotlight was on vitamin B12 as increasing evidence shows that individuals with the highest levels were least likely to develop Alzheimers Disease. Experts say it’s still too early to be talking about supplements. Have a generous supply of vitamin B12 by eating clams as they one of the top natural sources of this essential nutrient.

2. Guards against anemia (Iron– 155%)

Have you been feeling weak or easily gets tired lately? You may be deficient in iron which helps produce hemoglobin resulting in increased oxygen supply to the tissues. Pregnant and lactating women as well as the elderly and children often have insufficient supply of iron in their body. These bivalves are excellent sources of iron.

3. Fights arthritis (Selenium – 91%)

Lack of selenium in the body has proven to be a contributing factor in developing rheumatoid arthritis. Selenium is an essential nutrient which works with other nutrients to help fight oxidative stress, an imbalance which damages the joints. Crabs, fish and shrimps are some of the highest sources of this micromineral.


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4. Enhances immune system function (Protein – 51%)

If you’re avoiding red meat, get some of your protein from clams. Every 100 grams can already supply half of the DV of protein which plays an important role in keeping the immune system working properly and thus helps the body combat infections.

5. Regulates blood sugar levels (Manganese – 50%)

Clams can provide an excellent supply of manganese, a trace mineral which plays an important role in regulating blood sugar levels. Pineapple, brown rice and garbanzo beans are also packed with manganese.

6. Good for the teeth and gums (Vitamin C – 34%)

Fruits are packed with the highest natural form of vitamin C. But these mollusks can also proudly supply a very good amount of this essential nutrient which plays a very important role in the fast healing of wounds and keeping those teeth and gums in the pink of health.

7. Keeps thyroid in top shape  (Copper – 34%)

They aid in keeping the thyroid healthy by providing copper, a mineral which is linked in thyroid metabolism especially in hormone production and absorption.

8. Promotes healthy skin (Riboflavin – 25%)

Individuals with peeling skin especially around the nose accompanied with cracking of the skin at the corners of the mouth may be deficient in riboflavin. Avoid this condition by eating foods rich in riboflavin such as clams.

9. Prevents osteoporosis (Zinc – 18%)

Have you seen the nutrients listed in a box of calcium supplements? Have you ever wondered why zinc is usually included in every tablet? Lack of zinc in the body has been found to be a risk factor for osteoporosis. Research has proven that zinc stimulates bone formation and slows down bone loss.

10. Stabilizes blood pressure levels (Potassium -18%)

If you’re looking for natural sources of hypertension-fighting foods, grab some potassium-rich fruits and don’t think twice about enjoying a delicious clam chowder.

Nutrient data source: USDA

* image shown is Momofuku’s bacon dashi with potatoes and clams. Click here for the recipe.

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