10 Health Benefits of Crabs

Crabs are a powerhouse of important minerals. Discover the nutrition facts and health benefits of these edible crustaceans.

Are you tired of eating red meat, poultry or even fish? Maybe it’s time to give more attention on shellfish such as clams, shrimps and crabs. Crabs are a powerhouse of important minerals. Plus, they are low in fat and calories.

1. Prevents anemia (Vitamin B12)

Crabs are excellent sources of Vitamin B12, a nutrient needed by the body to produce healthy red blood cells and prevent pernicious anemia. You can also get more of this vitamin from shrimps and eggs.

2.  Guards against rheumatoid arthritis (selenium)

Did you know that selenium is one of the antioxidants? Selenium works with other antioxidants to help prevent oxidative stress. Study participants have shown that lack of selenium in the diet can contribute to the cause of joint inflammation. Every 100grams of crabs can deliver over 50% of the DV of selenium.

3. Boosts growth and development (protein)

Along with shrimps, crabs are one of the highest sources of protein, one of the most important nutrients especially for growing children to make them stronger and taller. It also keeps hair, nails and skin healthy.


4. Strengthens bones (copper)

What does copper have to do with bone health? Copper, together with zinc improves the absorption of vitamin D, the vitamin which aids in the absorption of calcium.

5. Puts acne in check (zinc)

Crabs may help heal and prevent breakouts. They provide a very good supply of zinc which helps control the production of oil in the skin. Zinc also supports healthy cell growth and helps in the healing of other skin problems such as psoriasis, dandruff, diaper rash and eczema.

6. Increase good cholesterol levels (niacin)

Crabs are a bit high in bad cholesterol, the good news is they can also provide a rich supply of niacin. This B vitamin is known to raise the good cholesterol in the body and lowers your bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

7. Combats hypertension (magnesium)

Magnesium is one of the minerals which cannot be manufactured by the body and thus needs to be abundant in the diet. One of its role is to help maintain normal nerve and muscle function, an activity which is linked in promoting healthy blood pressure levels.

8. Prevents ariboflavinosis and angular cheilitis (Riboflavin )

Sore lips, mouth and tongue; cracked, red lips; mouth ulcers and cracks at the corner of the mouth are signs of lack of riboflavin in the body. Eating crabs which are good sources of riboflavin will help prevent these health problems.

9. Assists in healthy pregnancy (Folate)

Planning to have a baby? In addition to fruits and vegetables, add folate to your diet with crabs. Folate has several health benefits to the body but is probably best known for its importance in pregnancy. Since the early 1980’s, folic acid supplementation for pregnant mothers is prescribed to lower the risk of neural tube defects in newborn babies.

10. Lowers risk of heart disease (Omega-3 fatty acids)

Crabs are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Studies revealed that omega-3’s help lower fats in the blood and lower risk of heart attack and stroke.

Nutrient data source: USDA

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  1. I am not a fan of seafood but my youngest daughter is and she will love to hear this information. Great article.

  2. Great article it would seem you and I both enjoy writing about the health benefits of plants and types of food. Well done!

  3. Delicious & healthy. What’s else?

  4. My daughter\’s favorites, shrimps and crabs. They are quite expensive here but I do prepare crab dishes every once in a while. It\’s good to hear about these health benefits.

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  12. Thank you for nice informative article.

  13. I don’t like sea foods but my youngest sister is and she has a problem of anemia as well. I will definitely let her know about this interesting health benefits.

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