10 Health Benefits of Lemons

This common, little yellow citrus fruit has lots of uses in our food, but did you know it also has plenty of potential for health purposes?

  1. Digestion: Mix several cut lemons with water, basically a light lemonade, and drink it in the morning to help your digestion all day long. The lemon stimulates the liver and this helps with digestion.
  2. Nose bleeds: This one stings a little bit, but lemon juice on a cotton swab or soft cloth when applied to a bleeding nose helps to slow and eventually stop the flow of blood.
  3. Diuretic: If you suffer from a urinary tract infection, or need to lessen the fluid in your body for any number of health reasons (such as high blood pressure, enlarged heart, etc.), lemon is a natural diuretic, helping you to shed unwanted water. Just be prepared to go to the bathroom more often!
  4. Antiseptic:The acidic juice of lemons kills harmful bacteria, which makes lemons a natural antiseptic you can apply to small cuts, inflamed areas and other infections. Again, this one might sting a little. But don’t use lemon for major infections or large cuts, not because the lemon would be dangerous, but because you need real medical attention.
  5. Facial cleanser: Lemon juice helps to fight wrinkles, acne, blackheads and even freckles. Apply the juice directly to your skin, then allow it to dry. Remove the juice with a little olive oil mixed with water. This will not only make your skin more shiny, but will also remove dirt and grime.
  6. Mouth care: Swab a little lemon juice on bleeding gums to stave off further blood. Lemon also helps to give your mouth a refreshing feeling, fights bacteria and can give you fresh breath. Also, believe it or not, when applied to tooth aches, lemon juice helps to dull the pain.
  7. Reducing fever: There are two ways to use lemon when wanting to reduce a fever. For one thing, you can drink a little lemon water. But an even better solution is to buy or make a lemon balm, then apply it to the body, probably mainly around the forehead. A lemon balm is a concentrated form of lemon, and it helps the body to perspire and sweat out the fever, any kind of fever caused by any kind of illness.
  8. Blood pressure: Because of the high levels of potassium in lemons, the fruit is good at helping to keep blood pressure lower. The potassium counter-acts sodium.
  9. Depression: Drinking lemon juice mixed with water a few times a day is known to create a calming effect, relaxing the body, thus helping to lessen depression and stress.
  10. Antioxidant:All that vitamin C in lemons does several wondrous things, including cleansing the blood and helping to build a stronger immune system. Also, various medical studies have shown that high use of vitamin C helps to combat many serious illnesses, from cancer to heart disease and more.

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  4. Interesting information. I use lemon for cooking as a flavour and normally will sift it and add to hot water with honey as a cold remedy.

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  6. Wow I know about lemons when it comes to facial health care but a calming effect for depression? Thanks for this one! Very interesting review!

  7. WOW I never knew lemons could have so many benefits. Thanks for sharing the lemon and honey thing.. I have learned a thing or two about them both…

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