10 Healthy Fruits to Promote Optimum Health

Fruits are good sources for nutrients that help to enhance our immune system besides strengthening our body. Therefore, it is wiser for us to eat fruits.

Our body requires a variety of proteins, calories, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements, enzymes, antioxidants for its metabolism and more importantly to enhance the immune system against the diseases. To get the optimum health benefits, it is recommended to eat variety of fresh organic fruits to furnish our body with essential nutrients.

Below is a generalized list for the nutritional facts of top ten healthiest fruits. The value is for each 100 gram of the fruits and their values may vary slightly according to the variety and size.

Type of Fruit energy water fiber fat protein sugar vit. A vit. C vit. B1 vit. B2 vit. B6 vit. E
KJ/Kcal % g g g g µg mg mg mg mg mg
Apple 207/49 84 2.3 0 0.4 11.8 2 15 0.02 0.01 0.05 0.5
Apricot 153/36 87 2.1 0 1 8 420 5 0.06 0.05 0.06 0.5
Banana 375/88 76 2.7 0 1.2 20.4 3 10 0.04 0.03 0.36 0.3
Blackberries 170/40 85 8.7 0 2 8 30 150 0.08 0.04 0.07 1
Blueberries 204/48 80 8.4 0 1 11 0 10 0.02 0.03 0.05 1.9
Muskmelon 122/29 89 0.6 0 0.9 6.3 7 32 0.05 0.02 0.1 0.2
Cherries 221/52 86 1.2 0 0 13 40 10 0.02 0.02 0.04 0.1
Kiwi fruit 168/40 84 2.1 0 1.1 8.8 5 70 0.01 0.02 0.12 1.9
Grapefruit, red 128/30 90 1.4 0 0.9 6.6 0 40 0.07 0.02 0.03 0.5
Purple grape 274/64 83 2.2 0 0.6 15.5 0 3 0.03 0.01 0.08 0.6

Top Ten Healthiest Fruits to Promote Optimum Health as follow:


An apple is an important source of dietary flavanoids. Its consumption is always related to health. The high proportion of fiber compounds of the apple replenish insufficient fiber intake of our body. The powerful antioxidants, anthocyanin, found in red apples protect us from cardiovascular disease and cancer development. The catechins and quercetin (flavonoid antioxidants) in the apple can protect us against the harmful effects of tobacco.

Modern scientific studies have revealed that an apple a day can keep us from a doctor. Therefore, an apple has become an important diet for every American who wishes to put on weight. They go fasting once a week by only biting on an apple. This day is called “an apple day”.

The diabetes patients should eat sour apple while cardiovascular and obesity sufferers should eat sweet apple. Eating a ripe apple is a good remedy to cure constipation. You should eat one fresh organic apple before sleep as it eliminates oral’s germs besides improving our kidneys’ functionality. Raw apple can be blended for juices which are good remedy to cure cough. For old people or children who have indigestion problems, they should heat the mashed fresh organic apple before consuming it.

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  1. I was doing research on apples, and have found so much information that I do not know where to start and what to omit.

    Your article is wonderfully filled with lots of good information.

    Thank you, and happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  2. I have done a lot of research on apples also, and I think it could be the miracle fruit. You do have a lot of good information here. ( fellow writer)

  3. Thank you, Judy and Ruby.

  4. I love apples. This is the only fruit I have. It’s good to know that they are also healthy. Thanks for this excellent article.

  5. I have just recently stareted trying to put a wider variety of fruits into my diet. This article was great!

  6. i love fruits more then cake!
    i even think i eat to many
    but how much is to manyy?

  7. ty for posting this! very helpful!

  8. im fat

  9. i was doing a research on health riks and this help me a out a lot i think ill eat more furits from now on so i can stay healthy ahead in time in life

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  13. Your chart is off, Apricots 420mg vitamin A?, Black Berries, 150mg vitamin C?, we wish ;)

  14. I did a research on fruits because in needed to change my eating habbits due to a hiernia and grease on liver and i am surprise on what i read on apricots, apples, and bananas.

  15. i can confirm that having taken apples for a whole year daily, i have never had a cold, cought or even gone to see a doctor. my body feels good and my digestion has improved treamendously. keep healthy.


  17. Read the stats. Bananas are actually more beneficial than apples.

  18. I can’t explain medically why?…. when I eat some muskmelon, I feel 100% better!!!

  19. Thank you for this wonderful post cuz i think you know what your talking about and im sorry david your fat

  20. thanks for helping me decide on what healthy fruits i should eat

  21. you know what i was just thinking about going on a diet but i need help on deciding cause my mom tells me no and my friends say yes and no

  22. you know what would be cool is that every time u eat u wont gain any wait

  23. this information has helped me to maintain body weight.iam greatful.

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