10 List of Foods to Increase Libido

10 List of foods below are herbs that are believed to increase libido and improve alias of your sexual arousal.

10 List of foods below are herbs that are believed to increase libido and improve alias of your sexual arousal.

If you believe simply to consume more instens more …

1. Celery
Apparently besides the inviting scent, celery is a food source that contains the sexual stimulus because it contains androsterone, a hormone released through sweat that can excite a woman.

2. Raw egg yolk
It has long been thought to have properties to increase libido. Egg yolk contains a high zinc content which can increase sperm and testosterone production. Egg yolks also contain dopamine, a hormone that can increase sexual pleasure.

3. Banana
In addition to its always identified with the weapon of the male, banana is also believed to increase libido in men because it contains the enzyme bromelain. Bananas are also a source of potassium and B vitamins like riboflavin, which increase the body’s energy.

4. Avocado
Is a type of fruit that is rich folic acid which helps metabolize proteins to produce a lot of energy. Avocados also contain vitamin B6, a nutrient that can increase male hormone production, and potassium which helps regulate thyroid women. Both of these elements can increase libido in men and women.

5. Almonds and other nuts
Almonds are a major source of essential fatty acids in healthy male hormone production. In addition, the scent of almonds is believed to increase arousal in women.

6. Mango, strawberries and peaches
The three fruit both in terms of shape, texture and contains a lot of water so it is more fitting to use to have fun in the midst of foreplay.

7. Liver
The liver is the source of glutamine, a compound that can boost the immune system. Liver is also suitable for those who eat often have problems with decreased libido.

8. Fig
Figs are foods rich in amino acids that are believed to increase libido and sexual stamina.

9. Garlic
Garlic is known to have a pungent odor, but it has many benefits because it contains allicin, a compound that can increase blood flow to the sexual organs and is effective herbs to increase libido.

10. Brown
Besides chocolate is synonymous with romantic food, chocolate also contains theobromine which is similar to caffeine. Chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, a chemical believed to produce feelings of pleasure during sex.

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