10 Mistakes in Our Diet

We try to have a balanced life and to eat as healthy as we can but without knowing a lot of mistakes that we do consuming food that we consider good. Here is a list of 10 mistakes in our menu.

1.       SUSHI

Fish and vegetables are healthy and recommended in almost every diet, what you don’t know is sushi contains  mayonnaise and sauces based on cheese with lot of calories. In this way an aliment wich we think it has only 100 calories it has almost 500 calories.

2.       DRIED FRUIT

They contain eight times more calories than fresh fruits and if you buy them they also have sugar. Resume yourself from now on only to fresh fruits from that season.


If you like to drink coffee with milk than you should choose skimmed milk. If you drink normal milk 2 times in a day you have all chances to gather 200 calories extra wich means 1000 calories at the end of the week only drinking coffee with milk.

4.       BOTTLED TEA

If you like tea then drink the tea that you can prepare home. Bottled tea promise antioxidants and only a few calories but the truth is that it contains a lot of sugar. Prepare yourself a tea and make it sweet with some honey, it is safe and cheap.

5.       MUFFINS

They are delicious at breakfast with some tea or coffee and you probably didn’t think until now that they are super healthy especially if they were made from black flour. Muffins have not only very much sugar in their composition, they also contain fat and they have approximately 400 calories just one piece.

6.       DISKS OF RICE

Sure you’ve tried them at least once in your life and you probably thought that they are perfect for replace bread. Still specialists believe that they don’t have nutritional value, but they have calories. So it is more healthy to eat one slice of bread or 2 for black bread than rice.


If you decided to try the products for vegetarians hoping that you will lose weight you probably cooked soy roasting it. This is a frequent mistake, you will only eat more calories and you will destroy your diet.

8.       SALADS  

Salads shouldn’t miss from our diet, but they should always be healthy. If you add cheese, meat and dressings with oil you risk to get fat.

9.       JUICES

It is the same thing like bottled tea and it is recommended to do your own juice with fresh fruits. Bottled juices have a lot of preservatives and sugar will disorder your diet.


Maybe they don’t look so bad for a diet, but you will probably choose some sweet pancakes or with meat and cheese. Try to eat them rarely and when you do try to consume them as healthy as possible with vegetables and spinach or with mushrooms.

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