10 Most Nutritious Fruits

The avocado is widely known as the most nutritious fruit. Some experts suggest that the kiwi and the guava deserve the title better. Here are 10 of the most commonly mentioned most nutritious fruits.

Adding three to five servings of fruits in your daily diet is one sure way to a healthier body. Many kids don’t like vegetables which are some of the most nutritious natural foods, but they sure do love fruits. Make fruit salads, juices and smoothies that kids and even adults can’t resist and parents will have less to worry about their kid’s health. When buying, make sure to reach for yellow, green, orange, white and red fruits to ensure that every important nutrient will be included.

These ten fruits are bursting with some of the most important nutrients that our body need to stay in top shape, no wonder they are referred to as among the top most nutritious.


Watermelon is not just delicious, it is also very nutritious. It’s blushing with vitamin A in the form of lycopene and beta-carotene, antioxidants which may help reduce cancer risk. It is also a very good source of vitamin C, a good source of vitamin B1, potassium and magnesium, nutrients which promotes a healthy immune and cardiovascular system. It  made headlines when it was found to have Viagra-like effects to the blood vessels of the body due to its rich citrulline content.


Also known as aguacate, butter pear and alligator pear, the avocado is a treasure-trove of nutrients. It contains a generous amount of the blood pressure lowering potassium and is best-known for its good fat content, the oleic acid or omega-9 fatty acid which elevates good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol levels. Avocados are also excellent sources of vitamins C, E, K and folate. One cup can supply the body a very good amount of the anti-stress vitamins, the B complex. If you’re trying to lose weight, eating avocado can do wonders by providing 40% of the daily value of fiber. Avocados have more fiber, folate, niacin, thiamine and riboflavin than any other fruit. Go ahead and enjoy that guacamole, opt for the avocado smoothie or add this green tropical fruit in salads to reap its health promoting properties.


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  1. Lots of talks about fruit on the internet today. I just want a big bowl of fruit salad! Good article!

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  6. Nice concept, but where are the other eight? Your title suggests you have 10.

  7. Fabulous pictures! This makes me want to run to the store and buy up the entire produce section.

  8. Nicely done. Most of these fruits are available year round too!!

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  14. Very interesting and extreemly helpful artical thank you. Just wandered if you could let us all know what your qualifications are, just to be sure that the information is correct. I have looked on your profile and unfortuanatly it only seems to state the articals you have written, rather then if you are actually qualified to write them. I am sure that you are, but just to be on the safe side.

  15. I was looking this up to make my baby the healthiest batch of baby food…glad to know healthy can be so delicious.

  16. 1-Artic Berry
    7-Dragon Fruit
    8-Goji Berry
    from my research but it may be that the Goji Berry & Dragon Fruit needs to be higher, within the order of this list? And why are my favourite fruit Lychees not on this list…

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