11 Depression Busting Food Groups

Foods that are Linked to Improved Mood and Mental Well Being.



After the air that we breathe, and the water we drink, food is the most essential element in our survival and well being, it is therefore important what we eat to enable us to gain the maximum nutrition possible from what we eat. Food is also one of the key elements involved in the way we feel, if we eat well we feel well, if we are undernourished we feel less well, we can eat five thousand calories per day and still be malnourished, we can all only eat a limited number of calories per day without gaining weight, the number of calories we can eat without gaining weight varies from person to person, and depends on various lifestyle factors, exercise or the lack of it, what kind of job we have, are we sat at a desk all day? Or do we have an active job which helps to burn the pounds off. This article is about food, and mental well being but other lifestyle factors need to be taken into consideration if we wish to be as well as we possibly can.


Research shows that food can play a vital role in how we feel. An American doctor in the not too distant past made a study of certain mood linked chemicals, which in a healthy person are in their proper ratios in the blood, he found that many people who suffered depression were deficient in these chemicals, particularly serotonin, people who were severely depressed, were also severely deficient in serotonin, and their blood on average only contained 20% of the serotonin found in completely healthy people. The answer seems simple give the depressed patients a course of serotonin, this does not work, why? You may ask, serotonin is manufactured in the body, from a chemical called trytophan this chemical occurs naturally in quite a few food sources, but this is not enough as certain catalysts are needed for th process to work, these catalysts are magnesium, zinc, B complex vitamins and a chemical called trymetylglycine (betaine) when these factors come together serotonin is not only produced but assimilated into the system. The following foods contain the essential elements needed to produce and assimilate serotonin, we do not need to eat all these foods but we do need to eat some foods from each group.


Foods Containing Tryptophan

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