A Banana a Day Keeps High Blood Pressure Away

The malady of high blood pressure claims millions of lives every year, and some over-the-counter medications sometimes pose ill side effects. For this matter, scientists performed numerous studies in the effort to find an alternative and natural remedy that will lower down blood pressure levels. Good enough, their result have shown that banana can very well do the job.

Medical and other related research have shown that eating foods which are rich in potassium lowers blood pressure, making potassium-rich vegetables and fruits a necessary choice for people with high blood pressure. A very common and available potassium-rich fruit is banana, and quiet conveniently, this relatively cheap fruit is not that hard to acquire. A banana a day can be pretty enough to make our lifespan a little longer, which in million cases around the world is made shorter due to high blood pressure – an age-old worldwide plague.   

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In one of the studies, a group of individuals with high blood pressure were made to increase their potassium-rich foods intake by 60 percent more or less every year. Interestingly, these people who had been taking medicines for their high blood pressure were able to cut more than half of the medicine they were prescribed to take – a clear indication of the efficacy of this natural substitute in bringing down blood pressure to normal.

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High blood pressure is often attributed to the thickening of artery walls which, narrows the arterial diameter, congest, and slows  slows down the blood flow that may in turn result to strokes and heart attacks. Professional medical practitioners claim that potassium prevents the thickening of arteries, thus preventing high blood pressure as well. More importantly, potassium-rich foods like banana does not only prevent blood pressure, but it may practically cure the malady as  shown by the result of the  study mentioned above.

Banana is readily available all year round, so why not protect yourself from the life-threatening dangers of high blood pressure. Have a banana, have a normal blood pressure, and have a healthy and longer life.  

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