A Gluten Free Night Out

Going out socially can be challenging for those who follow a gluten-free diet. By practicing the following advice, you can have a night out and avoid gluten containing foods.

If you are looking for a night out, you’ll want to look for a great restaurant where you and your friends can grab some dinner. Whether it’s a cheap local joint, a major restaurant chain or a multi-course fine dining experience, the last thing you’ll want to worry about is whether the restaurant will be able to serve you a gluten-free meal. Dining out can certainly be tricky when you stick to a gluten-free diet. However, there is an easy solution that will ensure you can have a fun, relaxing evening with friends without feeling sick from a meal that includes gluten.

To making dining at reasaurants easier, try purchasing a convenient dining out card. Some gluten-free experts offer these cards through their websites or stores. These cards, which are usually small enough to slip inside of your wallet, contain important information that you can present to your waiter to make sure the chef knows about your dietary needs. The cards contain instructions about cleaning surfaces and utensils in order to ensure a safe cooking area. It also contains a list of foods that cannot be ingested by someone with a gluten allergy, such as barley, bread, cereal, oats, pasta and soy sauce. It’s also helpful to get a card that includes a list of safe foods for a gluten-free diet, including rice, eggs, corn, milk and potatoes.

Using the gluten-free dining cards will help both the servers and the chefs. Plus, it provides them with an easy guide for how to prepare your meal. It’s easy to take the card out to present while ordering your meal. The waiter can quickly check with the chef to make sure the meal you ordered is gluten-free, and the chef can refer to the cooking instructions for how to prepare a safe meal for you. All in all, these dining out cards are an extremely easy way to eat at any restaurant without the worry of ingesting gluten which could potentially ruin your evening.

By carrying a gluten-free card when you go out to eat can be a great way to eat gluten-free meals at restaurants without having to explain your dietary needs to the waiter or the chef. Your dining experience will be much smoother, plus you’ll have the peace of mind that you won’t be feeling sick after eating. It’s worth investing in a dining out card if you have problems with gluten; remember that sticking to your gluten-free diet will help you feel healthier and more energized rather than sluggish or sick. Stay gluten-free and carefree with a convenient dining out card on your next night out on the town.

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