Are Boiled Eggs Healthy?

The incredible, edible egg really is incredible. Find out the health benefits of eating boiled eggs for breakfast.

Eggs have been given a bad rap – a vestige of the days when eating eggs was believed to significantly raise cholesterol levels – even when eaten in reasonable numbers. The egg again regained its place in the world of healthy foods when it was popularized during the low carb diet craze. So, what’s the status of the egg now? Is it okay to enjoy a boiled egg for breakfast with a slice of whole grain toast? Are boiled eggs healthy?

Eating boiled eggs is one of the best ways to get the health benefits of eggs. Unlike scrambled and fried eggs that necessitate the use of oil or butter during their prep, boiled eggs can be cooked without these fats. Plus, eating boiled eggs allows you to control how much of the yolk you eat to reduce the amount of cholesterol you take in. Once you’ve boiled the egg, simply discard half of the yolk and enjoy it chopped up with some spices or on top or on whole grain toast.

When you eat boiled eggs, you’re getting one of the highest quality sources of protein. A single boiled egg supplies around twelve percent of the average person’s daily protein requirement in a form that’s easily absorbed and readily used by the body. Plus, the average boiled egg only has only eighty calories – making a boiled egg an excellent source of high quality protein for people watching their weight. No wonder body builders eat them by the dozens!

Another benefit of boiled eggs? They’re an excellent source of choline – a compound that’s important for healthy brain function. Choline also has anti-inflammatory benefits which may help lower the risk of certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. Eggs are one of the best sources of choline – but you have to eat the yolk to get the benefits choline offers.

Did you know that eating boiled eggs also protects your vision? Eggs are a good source of carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin which help to guard against macular degeneration – the most common cause of visual loss in older adults. Protecting your eyesight has never been so easy.

What about the cholesterol issue? Eating boiled eggs will only raise your cholesterol if you eat too many of them. Studies show that you can eat one to two eggs per day including the yolk without causing a significant rise in cholesterol levels. If you want to eat more than that, throw away part of the yolk and eat only the egg whites.

The bottom line? Enjoy the many benefits of boiled eggs, but don’t more than one or two a day if you have an elevated cholesterol level.

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  1. Good article.

  2. Another good piece, I wonder where you get all this information.

  3. Excellent article, especially since eliminating the fats when frying, and cutting the yolk in half, puts us in control of the amount we consume.

  4. Hi Kristie,
    You have provided us a wealth of information. I always look forward to learning new things from your articles. I had no idea that boiled eggs in moderation can help brain function. I love to have my eggs for breakfast and now I understand how much is enough.

  5. i eat 4 boiled eggs daily….and my body has improved a lot
    i was kind of skinny
    but now i look muscularB-)

  6. I started eating boiled eggs while on holiday in Thailand, I was away from all the fatty fried food I usually have in England.

    For a whole week I had two boiled eggs in the morning, It’s on the ffth day that I noticedmy beer belly had gone flat and it was starting to gain abbs.

    What had happened was that after eating two boiled eggs each morning I felt less hungry throughout the day and was just drinking for the rest of the day felt thirsty.

    I lost haf a stone in one week and felt full of energy all the time, might continue this regime when I get back :-)

  7. Hard boiled eggs are high I energy and fill your stomach for the whole day.

    You can enjoy eating the whole egg including the joke if it kills your appitite for the rest of the day, which happened to me.

    The joke has lot’s of goodness inside it, it keeps your energy levels to the max.

    Pouched or boiled is the best, theytendto make you thirsty throughout the day because they fill the stomach which is good because you don’t feel hungry and the drink flushes through the body :-)

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