Are Crisps Good for Your Health?

Crisps, are potatoes which have been sliced thin, and then made crispy with sunflower oil when cooked. According the GDA 9-10 packets of crisps would be the right amount of fat, salt and sugar needed everyday!

So are crisps good for you? The answer is…. no. However a woman who purely lives of crisps, is very slim and healthy, but I wouldn’t take your chances on this as she’s naturally skinny and if you’re a little chubby like me living of crisps is not the way to go.

To have a healthy diet, it must be varied as in fruit, vegetables, meat and pizza. Not just one thing unless you have a serious allergic reaction to everything else, but if that’s the case you should consult your doctor before living of something as bad as crisps to see if there is an alternative.

What is more, thousands of people love crisps, but not as many like potatoes! Even though they’re the same! (Without the flavors) But still the same thing but different appeals LMAO!

So one: Control the amount of crisps you eat.

Two: don’t eat too many or else you’ll be a fat ass!

Three: exercise and keep a varied diet to live healthy and for longer!

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  1. Nice share.. Crisps have acrylamide, which is dangerous to health

  2. Nice share..

    Crisps have acrylamide, which is dangerous to health.

  3. Hey thanks for commenting on my work! It’s nice to get some feedback :)

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