Are Wheat Thins Good for You?

They’re crunchy and satisfying, but are they healthy? Find out whether Wheat Thins are good for you – and how to make them even more nutritious.

They’re one of American’s most popular snack foods. Wheat Thins can be enjoyed straight from the box or used as a crunchy platform for cheese spread, slices of meat, or slivers of vegetables. These days, these crunchers even come in yummy flavors such as parmesan basil, ranch, and cinnamon. Yes, Wheat Thins are tasty and versatile, but what about health benefits? Are Wheat Thins good for you?

Are Wheat Thins a Healthy Snack Choice: The Nutritional Lowdown

A single serving of original Wheat Thins has 140 calories, which is about thirteen crackers. That’s less than eleven calories per cracker, but the crackers are small, and, as the name suggests, thin. In other words, you’re not getting a lot of cracker for 140 calories. Despite this, most people find a full serving to be relatively filling.

Original Wheat Thins are made from whole grain wheat flour and contain 22 grams of carbohydrate per serving. They have a glycemic index of 67, meaning they raise blood sugar levels fairly rapidly – which isn’t a good thing for people with diabetes – or anyone for that matter. They only have two grams of fiber per serving, and Nabisco added four grams of sugar. Thankfully, they took out the high fructose corn syrup that was originally used to sweeten these crackers. Still, for people watching their carb intake, Wheat Thins isn’t the best snack choice.

Are Wheat Thins Healthy: More Wheat Thin Nutritional Information

The positive? Wheat Thins have only a gram of saturated fat. The negative? They’re a little high in salt at 230 milligrams per serving, which is about ten percent of what the average person should get each day. They do make a low-sodium Wheat Thin that has only eighty milligrams per serving. There are other disappointments too. Nabisco Wheat Thins are low in overall nutrition, with negligible amounts of vitamins and minerals – with the exception of a small amount of calcium and iron.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Wheat Thins isn’t a particularly nutritious snack and they’re a bit high in carbohydrates and sodium. On the other hand, they’re a better choice than potato chips and pretzels, since they have slightly more fiber.

You can enhance the nutritional value of Wheat Thins by adding a healthy spread or topping onto it. Some good choices are salsa, fresh hummus, and low-fat dip. Add a slice of vegetable or fruit to boost the antioxidant benefits. All in all, if you’re craving something crunchy, a Wheat Thin isn’t a bad choice – in moderation.


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  1. Good article, Kristie, everything’s not perfect, but whaet thins aren’t bad, and they taste good! thanks-

  2. I like wheat thins and they do make a good snack with a bit of cheese.

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