Are You Getting Enough Fiber?

Are you eating the right amount of fiber?

There are many things our bodies need to keep healthy.  We should be taking vitamins on a daily basis and drinking plenty of water.  Eating fruits and vegetables are also very important, but what about fiber?  Are you getting enough?

Eating foods enriched with fiber is important for your body.  It helps your digestive tract by making it easier for foods to pass through.  Fiber also keeps you from getting constipated and makes bowel movements softer.  Not to mention it can also help in losing weight.  

Foods that are enriched with fiber consist of: fruits like bananas and oranges, grains like whole wheat spaghetti and brown rice, nuts like almonds and pistachios, and vegetables like corn and broccoli.  Of course there are other ways to get fiber without eating it.  You can also use products like Miralax or Benefiber, just put a spoon-full in your water and your good to “go”.   So, are you getting enough fiber?  If not, what are you going to do about it?

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  1. I think that I am all things considered.

  2. Fiber is very important in our diet. I do eat bananas, whole wheat bread and whole grain pasta. I don’t eat too much cereal though.

  3. good work

  4. well advised tips

  5. I try to. I’m on Med diet -legumes once or twice a week, fresh fruit and I don’t peel the potatoes! Thanks a lot for sharing, Mel! Keep up the good writing that in the long term will provide with good results.

  6. An important part of ones menu

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