Ban Diet Coke!!

Ban diet coke! aspartame – harmful ingredient used in diet coke … should be banned!

Diet coke was released in the month of July in 1982. What the consumers were not made aware of was that it contains many different ingredients that are a health hazard. Diet Coke contains Aspartame/NutraSweet, Saccharin, Carbonated Water and Phosphoric Acid. The main ingredient in diet coke is aspartame, making up 50% of the diet coke product, which infact does not help lose weight at all! Diet coke has falsely informed the consumers that it is a healthy alternative to Coca-Cola although this isn’t the case. Diet Coke is the 4th most-popular carbonated soft drink in the world making the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Brazil the top five markets for the product. Other than these countries, diet coke is also sold in 144 other countries. It is also predicted that diet coke will eventually over take Pepsi and Coca Cola as the number 1 selling soft drink in USA.

Aspartame/Nutrasweet which has more of any other ingredient in a single serving, is supposedly the ingredient that makes diet coke sweet. This is theoretically wrong as aspartame isn’t a sweet ingredient at all, it actually sends messages to your brain which makes you think that it is sweet. This then triggers your brain to crave for high calorie foods making the product non-diet. Surveys and tests show that more than half of everyday overweight people put on weight after the first 2 weeks of a “diet coke” program which required participants to consume 1 can of diet coke a day, for 2 weeks. Although artificial sweeteners have always been known to make you crave things high in calories, it is also known that aspartame is a type of artificial sweetener.

After a few complaints the coca-cola company changed the main ingredient aspartame to sucralose (splenda) which is a type of sugar. Diet coke was supposedly not to involve the ingredient sugar, as it has a high calorie intake and should go by the name (diet coke). Aspartame (which breaks down into a substance called diketopiperazine has also been argued at whether is has been the cause of many brain tumors as diketopiperazin is proven to cause many brain tumors. The FDA (food and drug administration) also stated that diet coke has a plague of 92 symptoms (death playing part of the 92). They even have a name for these symptoms which are lead from aspartame consumption; aspartame disease.

To explain these symptoms further we can analyze just how aspartame can kill/harm you. Blindness, headaches, dizziness, seizures, Cancer, Dental problems, Liver/kidney problems and stomach pains are just some of these symptoms. There is still one more problem though, aspartame isn’t just used in diet coke, but yogurt and sugarless gum to name a few. Ever thought this may be the reason why people now days find it so hard to lose weight? The diet coke, coca-cola company states (on the official website) that aspartame is a safe ingredient but after FDA research and tests it is almost physically proven that diet coke is bad one way or another. E.g. If aspartame was a good ingredient then the evidence that it harms dental health can be used against the fact that it can still be of harm for human consumption.

Many websites support the fact that aspartame is banned in all European countries… wouldn’t surprise me!!

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  1. Hello Iam letting all my friends know about diet coke .. thats bads

    tell the WORLD …

  2. very nice report there, keep doing wot ur doin

  3. yes do it :) lublys

    i agree i like it

  4. Wow, I’m doing a 10-page report on “Is diet coke bad?” Thanks for your help…

  5. AY bro nice report man! but isint phenylalanine harmfull in diet soft drinks to to people who are PKU?

  6. Well done, paradoxified!

    Your article really complimented the one I wrote” Don’t Panic: Crucial Health Alert Everyone Should Be Aware By Now.”

    Keep on writing!

  7. I was addicted to the aspartame in diet coke and pepsi. I quit drinking it cold turkey and had a headache that lasted 5 days as well as nausea and vomiting. I woke up with a severe headache every morning when trying to get off these products. Drinking lots of green tea seemed to help. There are so many bad things about aspartame and it’s not worth risking our health. It really did make me crave carbs and junk food.

  8. I´m sorry to inform you that aspartame is not banned in any european country.

  9. I have never drank coke or diet coke as I feel it is not good for us. With this report you have confirmed it many folds. Thanks
    a million for the info, I shall use it to discourage people around me, not to drink it.

  10. yeah, um if you didn’t know, the amount of aspartame in diet soft drinks or diet sodas is about 40mg in a regular 600ml bottle, this means you need to drink about 7litres of diet softdrink/soda in order to actually cause any symptoms, and also it isn’t banned in any country at all, also splenda isn’t sugar, it is the only purely made sweetner from sugar, simply what i think they do is remove the carbohydrates and the calories, did you also know that almost every chemical part of aspartame is part of our DNA besides Methonol, this could quite explain why we would get cancer and other diseses through genetic mutation, also personally i don’t drink diet coke as long as there is Coke zero avalible basically because i don’t like the taste of Diet coke, also i am a type 1 diabetic so i have no choice but to consume Aspartame if i want to eat or drink any low-carb or sugarfree consumables, did you also know that originally before caffine was discovered/invented Coca-cola used to add Cocaine to the coke to make it addictive, hence the name Coca-Cola “Coca” obviously comes from Cocaine and the cola is just because its a cola.

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