Benefits of Black Salt!

Black salt also known as Black Indian salt or "Kala Namak" is a pungent smelling condiment salt used in India food dishes.

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Black salt also known as Black Indian salt or “Kala Namak” is a pungent smelling condiment salt used in India food dishes. The pungent smell of the black salt is owing to its sulfur content in the presence of impurities and sodium chloride makes it black in color.

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While the black salt can be extracted in natural form it is also available through processing. The field of “Ayurveda” medicine makes good use of black salt in different types of medicine and is believed to be providing good digestion.

Black salt when accompanied by lime and pepper and added to Soda water promotes digestion and gives relief in gastric problems.

Although the taste of Black salt is found to be similar to rotten eggs, its pungent taste is loved by many people found of spicy and salty food.

Let us have a quick look at some health benefits of Black salt:

  • Black salt mixed with pepper and lemon promotes digestion in body.
  • Black salt is useful in gastric problems and also helps in the case of constipation.
  • Herbal medicines including mint and black salt are useful for getting rid from toxic substances.
  • Black salt is used in preparation of various fast food items in Asian countries.
  • Black salt is found to be helpful in case of tumors.
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