Benefits of Orange Peel – a Complete Guide

Many of us have the orange peel and we just throw the orange peel away. But this article is to make you aware of the benefits of orange .Orange can be used as a medicine and can be used for medicinal purposes. Orange is a all in one fruit with many uses.

Orange peel can enhance your skin and it can modify your overall health .

Most of the Beauty products contains orange extracts in them . Orange peels helps in cleansing the skin and it also removes pimples and acne . The orange peel is also a good medicine for wrinkles and aging . Orange peel contains antioxidants that help preventing premature aging and wrinkling of the body . Orange peel can thus give your skin a natural glow and radiance  .

You can also powder the orange peels and add them to your bathing water and bath with it to get a natural glowing all over your skin . Cholesterol levels can also be reduced by eating orange peels .

How to make orange peel face mask

This home made face pack can be used for removing tan ,brighten your skin and balance the skin tone . It can give you a younger look than before .

Orange peel face mask ingredients

-  Orange peel powder

-  Milk/water

How to make Orange peel face mask

1 – Dry the Orange peels until they become hard .

2 – Once it becomes hard ,grind it to get the powder .

3 – Mix the orange peel powder with milk or water .Mix both in equal quantities . Blend the mixture till it    becomes a smooth paste

How to apply the orange peel face mask

1- Apply the paste all over your face and leave it untouched for abut 30 minutes until it gets completely dried up .

2 – Wash off the beauty mask with water . Make sure that you do not scrub the facial area hard while washing with water . Scrubbing can cause damage to the skin .

Benefits of Orange peel face mask

The orange peel face mask absorbs the oil from your skin .It also removes dead and dry skin cells from your face and thus makes your skin glow and your face looks more brighter and clean .

10 other uses of Orange peel

1-As a bathing powder

Dry the orange peels and grind it to get the powder from it . Use this as bathing powder . It can make your skin glow .

2-Mosquito Repellent

Apply the orange peels on your skin to use it as a Mosquito repellent .

3- Fight against Ants

Mix the orange peel powder with warm water and apply it on the anthills to prevent ants

4- Scent

Boil orange peels in your stove with some cloves to fill your entire home with beautiful fragrance

5- As an oil for bathing

Dried orange peels can be used as an oil for bathing .

6- Household cleaner

Apply the orange peels powder in water and use it for household cleaning . It gives a beautiful fragrance to the house .

7- For kindling in water

Dried orange peels can be used as kindling at fire places

8 -Protect your plant from cats

rub the orange peels on the leaves of your plant once a month and put some of the orange peels on the surface of the soil to prevent it from being destroyed by the cats .

9- Make delicious oil

Place some orange peels and cranberries in olive oil and close it with a cork .You can observe a wonderful flavor to the oil after some weeks .

10 -Cholesterol fighter

Eat dry orange peels to reduce your cholesterol level

Health Benefits of Orange

1 – Vitamin C in oranges protects sperm from genetic damage that may cause birth defects

2-   Eat oranges regularly to harden your arteries

3-   Cancer prevention

4-    Cholesterol reduction

5-    Constipation – helps your digestive system

6-    Reduces the risk of heart diseases

7-     Lower high blood pressure

8-     Builds a good immune system

9-     Prevent kidney stones

10 -  Reduces the damage to skin

11-  Reduces the risk of Stomach Ulcer

12 -  protection against Viral infections

There are many other uses for orange .Orange peel itself has this much benefits .So orange is a very rich fruit that god has created .

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  1. Nice and useful share of the orange peel,I love orange juice.

  2. I never know that orange and orange peel have many uses and benefits. Thanks for the very enlightening information.

  3. Orange peels are good for health

  4. Normally we throw orange peels, now with the many benefits you have written in this article, I will store the dry skin for future use. Nice article.

  5. Very good information.Can someone tell me that is orange peel contain enough carbohydrates to make cotton as cotton candy from sugar???

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