Brittle Nails: Treatment and Prevention

How to manage it.

Often stratified, crumbling nails may be observed in various diseases: psoriasis, and subungual warts, fungal lesions, pathology of parathyroid glands, iron-deficiency anemia. Brittle nails can also be caused by exposure to cold, frequent immersion of hands in the water, the action of detergents and cleaning agents and frequent use of nail polish.
Fragility may be related to working conditions (contact with chemicals, resins, solvents, etc.). If it affects the nail plate is recommended to introduce the diet calcium, methionine (found in cheese), carrots, parsley, sea buckthorn oil, juice from the berries of sea buckthorn, iron supplements in the form of kernels, buckwheat, gelatin. Separately, should take a multivitamin, vitamin A, or complex Aevit ”

Externally in the nails rub oily solution of vitamin A, and sea buckthorn oil or creams are ready with their content. It is advisable on a daily basis at night rub into the nail plate and the skin around it the lemon juice, vinegar, cranberry juice, black or red currants.
To address this lack of cosmetic use alternating hot and cold baths for hands with sea salt, herbs decoction of plantain, chamomile, sea buckthorn leaves, parsley. Well strengthen nails iodine-soda baths (1 tbsp. L. Soda in a glass of water and 5-7 drops of iodine). Treatment of cyclical: 2 weeks baths, a week break, etc. Effective in the bath with warm olive oil, where you can also add a few drops of iodine.
Excellent action have so-called thimbles from beeswax. Wax is preheated in a water bath and then dipped into his fingers, causing them to appear thimbles, which are to be kept until morning.

Now on sale, there are special tools for nail care, which due to their member of biologically active substances – vitamins, mink, castor oil, etc. – prevent nails from splitting, reduce dryness, improve the structure of the nail plate.
In conclusion, we note that to effectively combat brittle nails is better to consult with your doctor to clarify the reasons for this phenomenon.

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