Buffalo: The Healthier Red Meat

All about the other red meat.

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I have always been a big proponent of replacing healthy substitutes for their counter unhealthy food choices. For example, I love to use fresh salsa in place of salad dressings. Not only is it a no fat food product, but it is also high in nutritional value. In this same vein, I am always open and ready to include any new food type that is healthier and better for my well being.

Though I am not a very big meat eater, there are many among us who are. Recently, I have had to write some articles on exotic meats, meats that are not commonly consumed, but are greatly enjoyed by many different people. One such meat that caught my attention is buffalo meat. Yes, buffalo meat.

Through my research I discovered some interesting facts about buffalo meat. According to the studies, buffalo tastes remarkably like beef and yet it is lower in calories and cholesterol. Furthermore, it is lower in cholesterol than chicken and even most fish! In addition, it is pleasantly higher in protein and iron. It is simply a leaner meat.

This makes it a wonderful replacement for those who love red meats, but have been placed on strict low to no red meat diets by their doctors, or are trying to lose weight independently. Buffalo meat contains about 70 to 90% less fat than beef. It contains no steroids or unnatural growth hormones. It also has no known human allergic reactions.

When you are looking for ways to prepare buffalo meats, you can find plenty of great recipes online. You can also simply substitute the leaner, healthier meat in place of beef in some of your favorite dishes. Make smart decisions. Your life is depending on it.

And, though buffalo meat tends to be more expensive and harder to come by than it’s “cousin”, beef, what is truly more important, purchasing that extra outfit, car, and decorative household item or spending more on your health? It is a choice, it is your life.

Your life is precious, every moment. Your health is worth the world. It affects every moment of your life.

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  1. I don’t think I have ever seen buffalo meat here! I’m not so sure that I would try it anyway. Unlike you, I’m quite particular what I eat and don’t like trying ’strange’, or different foods. I used to but as I have grown older, I find I’m less adverturous where food is concerned.

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