Bugs in Your Food: Do You Know What You are Eating in Your Foods

You are eating bugs in your daily foods without even realizing it.


How do  you know what  is in your foods?

Scrumptious foods with exoskeletons, tentacles, pinchers, even stingers

Some parts of the world have in  their diet a reliable source of protein from bugs,  but if you don’t consider this part of your diet slicing into these bugs will be pretty squeamish.

It is  shocking to know an average person eats a pound of insects annually,  this is without even realizing it.

The  live bugs not the gummy worms

What you don’t know about these bugs

Thrips,  they are tiny winged parasites, and are legally allowed in apple butter, in the canned asparagus, or frozen, in broccoli, and in frozen brussle sprouts.

Aphids, green or black bugs which can destroy flowers, and also get into frozen vegetables, especially, spinach, broccoli, and brussle sprouts.  For every ten grams of hops two thousand five hundred aphids are legally allowed, so if you home-brew beer, consider growing your own hops.

Mites,  these bugs are tiny, and white, commonly found in wheat, and other  grains, if been stored for a while you will notice it.  Indoor allergies can be problem with theses bugs.  The allergic reactions are the same as of what the dust mites cause in your homes.

Maggots, in can foods, you must have eaten can foods at some point in your life.  Disgusting as it sounds but you have eaten a maggot if you had canned foods.  You will find maggots in canned mushrooms, tomato paste, and pizza sauces, even in fresh and frozen foods.

The canned mushrooms are the worst of all, at least twenty maggots are allowed for every one hundred grams of mushrooms drained.  This is in comparison with one in every five for every five hundred grams of tomato products.

Fruit Flies,  a  fruit bought with fruit flies can be easily cleaned off, but a can of citrus  juice,  has five fruit flies with every  eight ounce cup of juice.  A handful of raisins has as many as thirty five fruit fly eggs.

Corn Ear Worms, it is prone to insect infestations, in most cases you can avoid eating the ear worms that get into the cobs, which eat the silk.  The kernels can be cut off. The canned sweet corn has an extra bite of all the larvae, skins and skin fragments, as allowed.

Cowpea curculio, black-eyed peas, cowpeas, can also have an average of  five  or  more Cowpea curculio larvae, it grows into dark brown, weevils, more like a beetle. 

Caterpillars, which is supposed turn into beautiful butterflies,   aphids mites, and Thrips allowed  in one hundred grams of spinach, that is what gives you the energy in from spinach.

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  1. wow so many bugs in the foods..I didn’t realize about it until I’m reading your article..

  2. It’s so unique information :) it’s like surprise in a box :D Thank you :)

  3. Well that was not a comforting article. Thanks for the info though.

  4. This issue of our habits from childhood

  5. I wonder why this article got published in the business section of Bizcovering. This is more health related I think.
    Thank you for sharing this information. Didn’t realize until now that I have had eaten insect parts too….ewww…grosss

  6. Great article. My mom was going to make me my sister’s broccoli recipe, maybe not

  7. They are good protein and they aren’t poison so I guess we’ll live with it.

  8. We gotta get protein from somewhere right, lol. I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal, the bugs are usually so cooked up by the time to get to eat the food that they’re as sterile as they pan they were cooked in. Granted, it doesn’t sound all that appealing when you actually think about what’s really in the food you’re eating.

  9. protein

  10. Such a superb article – but awwwww….you make me shudder! Hahaha!

  11. thanks for sharing

  12. Ah well, if it doesn’t harm you…

  13. I don’t know why… he swallowed the Fly? liked that ,the Spider as well, mmm cheers Chips.

  14. Yak, that’s a lot of unseen bugs in our foods. Thanks for the info.

  15. Interesting and shocking article

  16. I was disgusted about it, but got to deal with it, and suck it up, becuase these bugs won’t go away. We can’t avoid food forever though. So everyone else, suck it up because we have to live if we don’t eat……but I love mushrooms, and when my dad washes them under the sink, I saw no bugs, so it’s not that visible then, and I never saw bugs in corn, but it sounds really disturbing, but I’ll live….the crap in the corn hasn’t killed me, so I’m good :)

  17. Not a comforting thought. Thank you for sharing.

  18. That is such a bug! I don’t want bugs in my food.

  19. Ewwww!

  20. Thanks for the info. I’ll try not to let it bug me.

  21. v informative share. thanks!

  22. Great writing

  23. yes ;)
    to get there, find…

  24. I’m nutty enough to stop eating all together. Well, out anyway! I totally trust myself :)

  25. ok,we are going to kill these parasites, liked it

  26. So very interesting indeed. and thanks for sharing this great article brilliant display of knowledge

    Not what we give,
    But what we share,
    For the gift
    without the giver
    Is bare.
    thanks for the support. :)

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