Chewing Gum is Good for Your Health

Many dentists say that gum is good for you as long as it is sugar-free. Here are some facts on how gum can be good for your health.

According to the American Dental Association, Extra, Eclipse and Orbit were awarded the seal of acceptance. If you chew these gums for twenty minutes, three times a day, it will increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. Saliva helps kill plague acid. It also gives your teeth calcium, phosphate and fluoride. These minerals help strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent cavities.

Chewing gum can also be used as an alternative to bad habits. For example, there are many smokers that want to quit, but can’t because it is too addictive. They tried cold turkey/chicken and it does not work. One good solution is to chew gum, like Nicotine! It sends nicotine to the body, removing the need to smoke. Another bad habit that chewing gum can be an alternative for is nail biting. Many people, children and adults, have a habit of biting their nails. Chewing gum can help because when you are chewing, it eliminates the need to bite your nails.

Have you ever woken up late? You have very little time to do everything! You just get something to eat, get dressed and leave. Later, you realize your breath stinks! And you think there is nothing you can do. But there is! There are many types of gum that can help clean your teeth and make your breath smell fresh like mint!

Gum can also make you loose some weight. Researchers from the Mayo Clinic proved this! Chewing sugar-free gum 100 times a minute for 12 minutes can burn 70 kilocalories an hour. It will raise your metabolic rate by twenty percent! That’s eleven pounds per year!

Another reason why gum is good for your health is it makes you smarter. Japanese researchers showed that brain activity in the hippocampus (an important area for memory) will increase while you are chewing! Also, chewing can increase your heart rate, which improves delivery of oxygen to the brain!

My last reason is that it can help you concentrate. It can replace coffee as it helps you stay awake. That is why many truck drivers and college/university students chew gum.

So all this time you were chewing gum, you did it because it tastes good. But now, you can chew gum because it cleans teeth, prevents cavities, be an alternative to bad habits, help you loose weight, improve memory, and improve concentration! It can also help enhance the size of your breasts. But we won’t get into that!

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