Choose This Simple Diet to Stop Snoring

In order to stop your snoring, you should choose this diet.

Foods to help you to stop snoring:

• Onions act as natural anti inflammatory. Onions help to reduce the symptoms of cold and flu. Onions not only act as natural decongestants, but also they are best source of antioxidants.

• Taking honey and lemon also act as a best snoring solution. Honey acts as antiseptic and also natural decongestant. Include few tea spoons of honey in fresh lemon juice and drink the mixture before going to bed.

• The mixture of lemon and thyme is also a best one to reduce the mucus in your air passages. You can drink lemon tea before going to bed or you can add thyme to roast dinners or casseroles.

• Hot foods like garlic and horseradish to your diet can help in reducing snoring. These foods can help to dry up the airways and nasal passages thus reducing the excess mucus in the passages and also sinus blockage and snoring.

Foods to avoid from your diet:

• One of the main reasons which cause your snoring is diary products. Diary products can increase the mucus in your nasal passages, thus your airways become narrow there by restricting the air flow.

• The narrowed air passages will force your tongue beyond the system to get through. This causes to generate a rattling noise related through snoring. This is the condition when your tongue meets with uvula and the soft palate behind the throat.

• The best solution to stop snoring is excluding dairy products from your diet. Also, you need to avoid milky drinks before going to bed. Along with dairy products, you need to avoid the consumption of baked foods, chocolates, fried foods and frozen foods closer to bedtime.

• Sedatives like sleeping pills and low dose alcohol can cause you to snore during the sleep as they can suppress your breathing drive.  So it is advised that to avoid consuming alcohol and sedatives.

• Avoid consuming heavy meals before going to bed. Some types of foods can cause inflammation in digestive linings and air passages.

• Smoking builds the mucus in your throat that greatly affects the width of the airways. Smoking causes irritation in your throat and it is another factor for nighttime snoring. so immediately stop smoking to avoid snoring.

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