Cream of Wheat: Is It Really Healthy?

Cream of Wheat is a popular hot breakfast cereal that’s easy to prepare. But what about its health benefits?

What better way is there to start the morning than with a bowl of hot breakfast cereal? If you choose a whole grain, it’ll give you a nutritional edge over most of the heavily sweetened processed breakfast cereals that line grocery store shelves. One popular choice of hot breakfast cereal is Cream of Wheat. This cereal can be prepared in under three minutes making it convenient for busy mornings where time is a premium. But, is it a good choice when it comes to nutrition? Is Cream of Wheat healthy?

What is Cream of Wheat?

Cream of Wheat is a breakfast cereal marketed by B and G Foods that’s made of ground wheat or farina. This cereal is prepared by boiling water and slowly stirring the farina into hot water until it thickens to a porridge-like consistency. Some people add additional flavorings and additives such as fruit, maple syrup, or nuts to create flavored Cream of Wheat.

Nutritional Profile

Cream of Wheat wins points for being low in calories. At only 120 calories per cup, it, at first, seem to be a good choice for those who are watching their waistline. It’s also fat-free and sodium free which is positive in terms of heart health. It has a moderate amount of carbohydrates at 23 grams per cup, but the real health drawback is that it has no fiber. The bran is stripped from the wheat during processing which removes the natural fiber found in the wheat. Because it lacks fiber, it’s also high on the glycemic scale, meaning it elevates blood glucose and insulin levels rapidly which isn’t a positive for diabetics or anyone else concerned with maintaining stable blood sugar levels. Some experts believe that high glycemic foods like Cream of Wheat promote fat storage which can lead to weight gain. This means that despite its low calories, it still may not be good choice for people who are weight conscious. On the plus side, it has been enriched with the B vitamins, vitamin A, and iron.

Is It a Good Choice for Breakfast?

Cream of Wheat is a decent source of some vitamins and iron, but it lacks the soluble fiber that’s so important for heart health. Plus, it’s a processed carbohydrate that spikes insulin levels which can negatively affect overall health. If given a choice, you’re better off sticking with a fiber rich cereal such as old-fashioned oats. Oatmeal is an excellent source of fiber and won’t cause jumps in glucose or insulin levels. It’s also relatively easy to prepare and is filling. When it comes to hot cereals, stick with oatmeal and, if you enjoy it, use Cream of Wheat as a special weekend treat.

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  1. Good Stuff


    Best Regards

  2. Cream of Wheat has whole grain varieties as well. Whole Grain 2 1/2 Minute stove cook is available as well as two new Healthy Grain whole grain instant hot cereals with 6g fiber and 7g protein. Visit for more info.

  3. cream of wheat is so good im eating it right now :)

  4. love cream of wheat godddd sooo nice and creamy :D

  5. Thankyou. You guys at B&G are doing a great job. I cant get the high fiber verzion at our Publix in Athens, Al. Anyway that I can internet order?

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm love my cream of wheat with granola.

  7. Your post is out-of-date..the Healthy Grain Cream of Wheat instant has 7g Protein, 6g Fiber, no cholestrol and no sugar, so your posting should be updated to reflect this information because it is a good source for breakfast…

  8. has salt phosphate, ferric phosphate used in slug bate..that’s why I attract slimy people,lol..

  9. I\’m eating some right nowwwww!!!

  10. I’m bathing in cream of wheat right now!!!!!!!!

  11. lol me too i eating it now with some honey

  12. I add cinnamon, and vanilla, and a teaspoons of white sugar, then I add brown sugar sprinkled on top :) very yummy!

  13. Cream of wheat with honey, chopped pecans, and fresh peaches–yum!

  14. An important fact that was omitted is the Iron content. It provides FIFTY percent of daily iron in an easily digestable for the average person. The Oakland County Michigan Health Dept.suggested it to suppliment my infant son’s diet, with Cream of Wheat, because of the high Iron content. He inherited my anemia, and was diagnosed with hemophelia B. In my house, it is a “comfort” food, used as a recovery first-meal after illness and the monthly boost females need. I believe your body learns to crave the nutruitious foods it needs.

  15. Eat it with some Eggs & Bacon…….UUUMMMMMMM!

  16. You can buy whole grain cream of wheat. Fodod don’t have to be high in fiber to be healthy and cream of wheat has an incredible nutritional profile. Who says you can’t have eggs with it? Ever hear of glycemid LOAD of a meal? So tired of people learning ONE thing about insulin and thinking they know it all. Besides, oatmeals soluable fiber makes me bloat like that blueberry gum kid did in Willy Wonka. Ugh. NO thanks. I’ve eaten it every day several times a day for years and I’m not the slightest bit overweight. Need fiber in it? Add healthy fats like nuts or wheat germ… why people can’t improve a meal on their own is beyond me. Note: this is with salt added –

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